Choosing The Right Style Of Eyelash Extensions For Your Eye Shape

Lash extensions are a perfect way to enhance your eyes without having to go through the daily routine of makeup. Among the numerous styles available, an ellipse eyelash extension stands out as one of the most preferred. They are famously known for their distinctive flat bottoms and being lighter in weight, allowing lashes to look voluminous and fuller than ever before without the annoyance of heaviness.

The elliptical extensions, or flat lashes, are made to give you a thicker look in your lash line. This is simply because the flat base contributes a larger surface area to your natural lashes. Not only are they lighter on your lashes, they are able to stay longer in comparison to conventional oval extensions.

Right Style Of Eyelash Extensions For Your Eye Shape

Right Style Of Eyelash Extensions For Your Eye Shape

Why Opt for Ellipse Eyelash Extensions?

Putting on ellipse eyelash extensions has several pros. Due to their shape, they provide a much more robust attachment to your natural lash so you don’t need redos as frequently. They give you a darker eyeliner effect that highlights the beauty of your eyes easily. As a bonus, the smaller weight of ellipse lashes lets you preserve healthy lash status, which makes them a great choice both for first-timers and for those who are experienced with using their extensions and are looking for more sustainable alternatives to them.

Choosing the Right Frame According to Your Eye Form

The process of getting eyelash extensions that are tailored to your natural eye shape can make you look even more beautiful than ever. Ellipse lashes are such a perfect option that will fit any eye shape.

Generally speaking, for almond eyes, they enhance the natural look by bringing about a bit of lifting and extra volume. The cat-eye effect will be fascinating to those with round eyes. If you have hooded eyes these lashes will do the trick of making the eye area more flattering by creating an illusion of depth. For monolid eyes, if you use the layered ellipse lashes, then your eyelid will look bigger and more animated.

Finding the Best Fit for Your Eye Shape

When picking ellipse eyelash extensions, you should definitely seek the advice of a professional lash technician. They can be your advisors on length and curl type, helping you pick that which will best match your features and personal style.

How To Maintain Your Ellipse Eyelash Extensions

To make your eyelash extensions last longer, proper care is a must. Steer clear of using oily makeup removers and cleansers because they tend to soften up the adhesive. No stroking and no rubbing around the eyes are other ways to keep the extensions in good shape. The ideal interval for regular fills is every two to three weeks to retain the fullness and beauty of your lashes.


With ellipse eyelash extensions, you can not only build up your natural beauty but also keep it with a little maintenance. With the right selection of lash style for your eye shape and proper care measures, you will have beautiful, full and thick lashes that will enhance your eyes extremely.

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