How to Stretch Tight Jeans

How to stretch tight jeans: Denim is a strong fabric made out of cotton. Almost all pairs of jeans are made out of denim fabric. Denim, or more colloquially called jeans, is essentially a blend of cotton and polyester, which makes for a fabric that is robust and long-lasting.

The types of denim fabrics available in the market are vast. The types of denim depend on the blends of every fabric. Starting from colored denim made using colored dyes; jeans are made from a variety of blends. Some of the variants include colored denim, vintage denim, marble denim, and reverse denim. No matter what the type of denim may be, denim needs to be sewed to make clothing items from them.

Being thick and sturdy, it is one of those fabrics that are not easily penetrable. Sewing is even more difficult as it requires folding of the fabric, which makes the denim material all the thicker. Thus, sewing denim requires a specific skill set and certain tools appropriate for the denim fabric. With the right type of needle and thread, you can easily hand-sew or machine-sew your pair of jeans.

Jeans has become the staple wear of people from all races and culture. Other than trousers, it is also used to sew bags, jackets, skirts, and tops. The range of clothes that can be a product with stitch work on denim is unending. By using some tips and techniques, it is possible to sew denim at home and on the machine. Lighter denim fabrics are easy to sew, while to stretch jeans around the bum.

How to Stretch Tight Jeans

Features Of Jeans:

Like all other fabrics, denim to have properties that are exclusive to them. While sewing, these properties determine the ease of work. These properties are enlisted below.

  • Denim fabric is extremely strong and long-lasting. They promise longevity, which makes them last for days. This is the primary reason behind denim being extensively used all over the world.
  • The fabric folds easily and is mostly stretchable. This lets people wear their pair of denim regularly without much of a hassle. Being well suited to movement, there is more scope for a wider range of movements.
  • Denim fabric is mostly resistant to wear and tear. Being thick and rigid, the fabric does not tear easily. Even if the fabric fades, the organic dyes do not allow the pair of jeans to look worn out.

Fit Of Jeans:

Given that jeans have different cuts and fits, they may not sit upon your legs perfectly. They can be exceptionally fickle as far as sizing and fit are considered. What is even more difficult in a way is that with every wash the jeans go through, the size undergoes some amount of change. The fit also depends on how much you take care of them. Sometimes, because of the age of the pair of jeans and the care is taken for them is responsible for how well they fit you.

When we talk about fit, we usually mean the shape it takes and, to some extent, that extends to the stretch of the jeans as well. It is very frustrating to have the stretch altered by hand every time such a situation arises. Read through all the tips and tricks to handle the stretch of the jeans to have your pair of favorite jeans always at hand. Wear them without any frustration or complaints with the suggestions we have here. Apart from that, make sure to take good care of the denim with regular washes in cold water. Let us take a look at the tips to maintain the stretch of the jeans.

Tips To Stretch Tight Jeans

1. Try Washing Your Pair Of Jeans In Hot Water:

In case your pair of jeans have turned to tight because of the firm stretch, throw your pair of jeans into a tub of hot water and let it remain for an optimum amount of time. A typical wash cycle will require the setting that pulls in the hottest temperature of the water. However, make sure that the water is warm enough, but not piping hot as water that is too hot can damage the fabric of your pair of denim. The color may fade, and the worst-case scenario is, the fabric may lose a lot of its stretchiness. It is a method that is the easiest and works best. Make sure to keep in mind that this method works truly only when your pair of jeans is made out of 100% cotton or is the closest to that. The word of caution is a fabric softener. Do not use any fabric softener while using the hot water setting, as this will positively mess up the fabric structure of your pair of jeans.

2. Spray Lukewarm To Hot Water On Your Pair Of Jeans And Pull After That:

This is the least difficult trick as it does not require you to dunking your pair of jeans into water. This being one of the easiest ways to stretch jeans with spandex that have tightened up or shrunk to a size smaller than what it originally was, it will take your only a spray bottle to try this trick. Your spray bottle up with lukewarm to hot water and sprinkle or spray it on your pair of jeans. Following this, lay your pair of jeans on the floor and pull it from different sides. For this, you will need yourself or someone to step on the pair of jeans to hold it in place. Furthermore, you can secure it on a clothesline with clips and then manually stretch the jeans out. Make sure to stretch the pair of jeans while it is wet. Pull them in any direction and reapply water as and when needed for you to stretch them comfortably.

3. Cut The Waistband To Remove It:

Here is a technique that is a bit advanced than the others and practically asks you to rip and repair for a more permanent change. Even though this method does not require you to resort to temporary measures and fixes your pair of jeans once and for all, this method is a little riskier than the others as it needs some learning and practice involved. One cannot discount the fact that this will ask you to get crafty with your pair of scissors for all the good reasons. Let us delve into the procedure to learn more about the technique. Tear down the side hem of your pair of jeans for about two to three inches on both sides. Go ahead to make cuts on the waistband at the same place. Now, add another piece of spare denim cloth or leather piece to expand the waist of the pair of jeans. This method is applicable to those pairs of denim, which is only tight at the waist. Alternatively, it can also be that you have managed to gain some weight around the waist and still want to fit into your old pair of jeans. This procedure to loosen tight jeans waist.

4. Wear Your Pair Of Jeans And Sit In A Warm Water Bath:

Here is a technique that will sound hilarious and ridiculous in every sense of it, but guesses what? It works! Wear your pair of jeans that have turned out more tightly than ever and sit inside a tub full of moderately hot water. The water should not be too hot as firstly, it could spoil the fabric of your jeans, and more importantly, it could burn your skin! The great advantage of this method is that the warm water helps to loosen tight jeans of the pair of jeans just as much as it is needed. The threading on the seams and hems of the jeans also expands a little. However, following this method, make sure to take a bath and hang your pair of jeans to dry so that you can wear them later on.

5. Insert Objects Into The Waistband Of Your Jeans And Move Around:

This method does not require you to get your pair of jeans at all. So, that is a huge plus point! Slip a deodorant bottle or a similarly shaped object into one side of the waistband at your hip to extend the waist of jeans. If there can be made some space on the other side of the waistband, slip in a similar object. Next, you have to walk around and sit on the floor to undergo enough movements. You can use a few squats to make some room around your bottom and butt area.

Concluding Thoughts

No matter which method you go ahead with, refrain from resorting to too much heat on your pair of jeans to bring in the stretch. This is a futile method as it does not stretch your jeans in particular, but it makes it lose a lot of it in the process. Your jeans will keep on deteriorating till the time it loses shape.

Apart from that, use any of the tips mentioned in the article for the best results.

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