Is flatulence unhealthy? and Should You Control it?

Flatulence is the passing of gases built up in the stomach through the rectum. There are several different names for the process of passing gas, and the most common is farting.

Is flatulence unhealthy, and Should You Control it?

Every single person will experience flatulence at least once a day. The average person will pass gas anywhere from 5 to 15 times a day. Passing gas is a natural part of digestion and reflects the bacteria functioning in the gut. Not many people know this, but 99 percent of gas passed from the rectum doesn’t smell. You are more likely to pass gas when sleeping, rather than when awake.

On average, a person will produce anywhere from 0.6 to 1.8 liters of intestinal gas in a single day. Much to the surprise of many, there is no difference in the amount of gas produced in people, regardless of age or gender. A survey found that middle-aged women are thirty times more likely to be embarrassed from passing gas publicly than anyone else. 

Is flatulence Unhealthy?

Simply put, flatulence is not unhealthy; it is, in fact, a sign of a healthy digestive system. The passing of gas signifies a balanced diet. A balanced diet includes the right amount of vegetables, fruits, grains, and lean proteins; these food items will produce gas when digested.

The release of gas will help to reduce abdominal pain and discomfort. People will often hold in their gas to avoid embarrassment; this is bad for you as it will irritate the colon. Having gas will also cause bloating; although not dangerous, it is incredibly uncomfortable. 

If you are experiencing excessive gas, then it is not healthy. This may indicate an intolerance to some of the foods you are eating. This is usually a lactose or glucose intolerance, not only do these intolerances cause gas, but they also cause diarrhea, nausea, and bloating. Certain foods will cause you to have more flatulence things like legumes, dried fruits, and foods high in fiber. 

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Several treatments are available for excessive gas, including enzyme-based products that can be found at the pharmacy. If you suffer from excessive flatulence, then drinking black tea has been known to ease the symptoms. 

Should You control flatulence?

As mentioned before, we know that certain flatulence is healthy, so attempting to control it is not a good option. You can do your body more harm than good if you hold in your farts, so let them go whenever you feel the urge. As long as the farts aren’t excessive and have a pungent smell, it will only embarrass you for a quick second.

If you are going to have flatulence, there is not much that can be done about it. However, having stinky farts is what everyone wants to avoid. Some foods will cause the gas to smell pungent, especially those that are high in sulfur like red meats and high protein vegetables.

Excessive alcohol intake will cause smelly flatulence, and this is because of the excess carbohydrates and yeast sit undigested in the colon. Overeating causes you to have stinky farts because the food starts to back up in the digestive system, and the bacteria release toxic gases. 

Although flatulence is the sign of a healthy digestive system, smelly gases are not. You will want to control your diet and try to avoid overdoing certain foods to stop those smelly farts from happening. If you are suffering from stinky gas, you will want to check out on flatuscents website, which offers scented fart pills.

These scented fart pills will mask your flatulence’s smell and replace it with a pleasant rose scent. With these revolutionary scented fart pills, you won’t have to change your diet and avoid getting together with friends. You can be yourself and indulge in the good life without the fear of an embarrassing smelly fart. 

The invention of these scented fart pills has had a significant impact on many relationships with the husband no longer have to sleep in the other room because of terrible smelling gas. 

What makes Flatu-Scents such a highly sort after the product is that there are no harmful chemicals used to make them. They are an all-natural vegan supplement that will reduce the amount of flatulence and then mask the odor when one does escape. The Flatu-Scents scented fart pills will attack the problem at its source by lowering pressure and the amount of gas in the intestines. 

There is no time like the present to have your farts smelling like roses. Now that you are aware of the scented fart pills that Flatu-Scents has come out with, you will never have to go another day suffering from smelly gases.

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