The 4 Sports Bra Impact Levels

If you have ever owned a sports bra, you have most likely heard the term ‘impact level’. Used when referring to how supportive the sports bra is.

So, what is ‘impact level’, how is it measured and how does it apply to you? So many questions!

You’re in luck. If you have ever asked any of these questions, then this article will provide you the answers.

I’ll answer the first question right now. Impact level is the level of breast support provided by a sports bra when used during physical activity. Basically, it is the level of ‘bounce control’ provided by your sports bra.

Keeping your girls under control during exercise not only helps you perform better. It also reduces bounce induced pain and possible long-term sagging.

Read on to discover how impact levels are measured and how to select the best impact level for you and your activity.

The 4 Sports Bra Impact Levels

The 4 Sports Bra Impact Levels

Low Impact Sports Bra:

This is the entry level of the sports bra world. As the name suggests these bras offer the lowest breast support.

They are designed for activities that produce a low level of breast bounce. Think yoga, pilates and stretching as perfect examples.

This impact space is almost exclusively occupied by crop top style bras. These are non-cupped compression style sports bras that are generally not suited to larger cup sizes (D+).

These sports bras are also well suited to all day wear for that bit of extra support or for sleeping in if you have a bit more up top.

Medium Impact:

Moving up an impact level brings us to medium impact sports bras. These offer a higher level of support as compared to their low impact counterparts.

These are designed for activities that are a little more intense. Consider wearing them for walking, cycling or going to the gym.

You will begin to find some cupped sports bras in this space along with crop tops. With medium impact sports bras you are exiting the crop top space and entering the sports bra space.

If you have larger breasts this will be the entry impact level for you. Larger breasts need more support so if you are fuller busted and enjoy yoga a medium impact sports bra is for you.

High Impact:

Until recently this is where the highest supporting sports bras resided. If you had a high impact sports bra you had the very best support available (not anymore!)

They may not be pinnacle anymore but they still offer great breast support. Perfect for running, basketball or any other sport that creates a high level of breast bounce.

This space is the exclusive zone of the structured sports bra. Supportive bottom bands, shoulder straps and individual cups help keep you under control.

Also great for the fuller busted among us. If you’re a DD+ then you might want to consider a high impact sports bra for most activities. They will help keep the girls under control allowing you to exercise in comfort.

Extreme Impact:

In a world of advertising one-upmanship, it is no surprise that extreme impact sports bras have become a thing. Once 5-star hotels were the crem-de-la-crème of accommodation then came 6-stars and now we can stay in 7-stars!

Think of extreme impact sports bras as the 6-star hotel of the sports bra world. They offer the very best support for our girls and are the pinnacle of support.

They are technically designed and made from modern, hi-tech fabrics that help keep you cool and comfortable.

If you are serious about your sport or simply want your breasts to have the best support available, then an extreme impact sports bra is for you.

Not All Impact Levels Are Created Equal

A word of caution here. You will come across a whole range of sports bras marked as high impact that do not give you the support you need.

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As a rule, if you want high impact then keep clear of crop style sports bras. These sports bras are generally unstructured and may not offer high impact support. Especially for larger breasts.

It is structured sports bras all the way for me. Sports bras with a defined back and cup size, ie. 12DD. The design and construction of these sports bras will give you far greater support.

Considering those with larger breasts, I would also suggest upping the impact level no matter the activity. Larger breasts need support so do not be afraid to wear a high impact sports bra walking or to the gym.

Final Thoughts.

If you are not sure what impact level is best for you, I suggest erring on the side of caution. Go up an impact level, your breasts will thank you.

Also, a higher impact sports bra can be worn running or to your yoga class but not the other way around. To reduce the number of sports bras you own get the impact sports bra that suits your most intense activity.

We know our breasts need support during exercise. And we now know what impact levels best suits us and our activity. So, now it is simply a matter of going shopping.

If you are after high support, Sports Bras Direct has a great range of High Impact Sports Bras With 70+ styles we are sure to have something for you!

Yours in support

Amy x

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