Luxury Tiles Guide – High End Stone Tile Design Ideas for Your Home

Your home is your most valuable asset and it is imperative that you choose the correct materials to go with the style of the home.

Natural stone tiles may be costly but are undoubtably an asset to your home. Most stone tiles need to be sealed, and resealed every year, but the extra work is worth the end result, as Carlanto Tiles outlines below.

Stone tiles are mainly hard, durable and scratch resistant. All it takes to clean stone tiles is warm water. Don’t use harsh detergents or acidic solutions like vinegar or bicarb, and spills need to be blotted rather than wiped, and the sooner the better.

Stone Tile Design Ideas for Your Home

High End Stone Tile Design Ideas for Your Home

Floors and walls

Popular natural stones in use today are marble and granite. Marble has natural colours and veins, and is more porous than granite but needs to be sealed. It has warmth and character and is good for bathrooms and showers where there is less traffic.

Granite is one of the hardest stones to be found on the earth’s surface, and is scratch and stain resistant, has antibacterial properties and comes in a variety of beautiful colours.

Slate is another popular stone and is non-porous and therefore suited to kitchens and bathrooms where spillage of water is likely. It is a good heat conductor and works well with underfloor heating.

Travertine is smooth and beautiful and if properly maintained adds a unique beauty to the home and outdoor areas.

Limestone is a beautiful stone with a soft feel to it. Available in various textures and colours limestone tiles are a good choice for bathrooms and kitchens as they are hard and non-slippery. However, they do need sealing and regular maintenance.

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Countertops, Backsplashes and Vanities

Marble can be used successfully in kitchens and bathrooms provided it is well maintained.

The natural colours and veins in marble tops add sophistication to your bathroom, and are practical in the kitchen.Granite and quartz are being used in very innovative ways and you can have your countertops customised to suit your taste. Quartz has antibacterial properties, is durable and the small particles in the stone adds sparkle to your countertops.

The non-porous nature of slate makes it ideal for kitchen tops and bathroom vanities. Black slate in a kitchen is classy and goes well with any décor.

Fireplaces and Feature Walls

Stone cladding is a popular option for the modern fireplace. Stone is heat resistant and you can mix and blend different colours and textures with stunning results, or keep it simple and elegant.

The Eco-Friendly Option

The latest in countertops and vanities are engineered stone products, made from a blend of natural substances like quartz and marble with resins, glass and colouring. Many of these manufactured countertops are heat resistant and the reflection of light lends a homely ambience to the room.

And finally, remember that natural stone tiles vary in colour, markings and texture, so be sure to handpick your tiles individually in order to ensure some sort of uniformity. It’s best to have them installed by a professional, and then you can sit back, relax and enjoy the elegance and beauty of your new surroundings!

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