Tips to Strengthen Nails at Home

Tips to Strengthen Nails at Home: Weak nails are quite familiar with many people. The nails brittle after growing some length and for many, it breaks off. The underlying causes of having weak nails are many. Healthy nails reflect good health. One can change food habits, lifestyle to get a healthy body as well as strong nails. There are many home remedies to uplift the health conditions and have strong nails. With a fast-paced life and people take little care of their health and forget that the glamour is reflected outward. Unless the body is cleansed, it is not straightforward to strengthen the nails. With little patience and a change in habits and lifestyle, one can have good health and good nails. There is no need to visit a doctor for the cause, and the age-old remedies given by grandmothers are enough to strengthen the nails. Let us discuss some of the solutions and tips that can be practiced on how to strengthen nails home remedies.

Many factors cause the nails to be weak, brittle and break. Some of the simple home remedies work miracles to strengthen them.

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  Best Tips to Strengthen Nails at Home

1. Eating biotin enriched foods:

Biotin, commonly known as a combination of vitamin b-7 and vitamin –H is found in many foods. One can source biotin from the brewer’s yeast, sardines, cooked eggs and egg yolks, butter, peanuts, walnuts, soybeans, legume. Banana, cauliflower, and mushrooms also contain them. Milk, salmon, pork, avocados, salmon, raspberries are rich foods to strengthen nails. One should include these items in their diet to get biotin naturally. If even eating these foods are unable to give god health and produce to make nails stronger and thicker, one should take biotin supplements to cover the deficiency. Biotin not only strengthens the nails but helps to get good hair and improve the nervous system. However, for taking biotin supplements like Vitamin B, it is better to consult the healthcare advisors.

2. Reduce the use of water: 

If the hands are soaked too much in the water, the nails become soft and weak. The nails tend to brittle soon. However, if one cannot avoid the hands to get exposed to water due to professional work or doing household works like cleaning, cooking or watering the plants in the garden, it is best to wear a pair of gloves. Wearing gloves while taking a bath should also be practiced so that the nails are not directly in contact with water. Practicing wearing gloves while working with water helps to make nails stronger and thicker.

3. Caring for the diet:

One should always have a healthy diet with lots of variations. The natural source of multivitamins comes from the diet one takes. Therefore, a balanced diet is necessary to strengthen the nails. Avoid junk foods and vitamin and mineral deficient foods and start eating foods full of multivitamins. These foods make your nails grow as the body stays healthy.

4. Staying hydrated:

Although, one should avoid direct exposure of the nails to water, but staying hydrated drinking enough water and juices are essential to strengthen the nails. The moisture of the body helps the nails to be adequately strong. Drinking plenty of water and fluids helps the nails to retain the perfect amount of moisture so that they do not break or brittle and stay strong.

5. Use good quality beauty products for the nails:

Avoid using nail polishes that contain harsh chemicals. They can glorify your beauty but weakens the nails while using them in the long run. One should also avoid acetone-based nail polish remover. One should always use non-toxic nail polishes and nail polish removers that are free of acetone. It will help to get strong nails.

6. Do not always use nail polishes:

If one wants to strengthen the nails at home, it is best to avoid nail polishes regularly. Give breathing time to the nails so that they become strong. Always covering the nails with nail polishes disables the nails to breathe. For example, one should use the nail polishes for a week or two and then remove them using an acetone-free nail polish remover and have a week or two gaps for nail polishing again. The nail polish free nails can breathe and be strong.

7. If possible, avoid using acrylic or gel nails:

Acrylic or gel nails are temporary quick solutions to showcase the beauty of the nails. Many people who have trouble growing their nails long due to many reasons use them regularly. One should avoid using them and address the root cause. If however, it is necessary to use the gel or acrylic nails due to professional commitments, then it should be temporary and not a regular affair. The gel products that need exposure to ultraviolet light is one of the risk factors of not only getting weak nails but can lead to cancer.

8. Avoid using the nails to do things:

Many people use their nails to peel hard objects, open soda cans and many other things. One should discard these habits. Nails may not be sensitive, but it weakens the cuticles, and in turn, one can get weak nails. Again using the nails as an opening tool enhances breaking and chipping. Therefore one should avoid these habits and use proper tools for varied purposes and not the nails.

9. Keep the nails short:

Although long nails are a must for many people, particularly the fairer sex, to showcase the beauty, they are more prone to breaking. They the nails beak, they also weaken the total length of the nails. Therefore, keeping the nails in the shorter side helps to avoid the cracks, chipping and splits. However, that does not mean one should prune the nails to the tip of the fingers. The height on the nails above the tip of the finger should be moderate.

10. Avoid using drying products:

Drying products like hand sanitizer should not come in touch with the nails. One should not use hand sanitizer often. The hand sanitizers dry the nails and turn them brittle. Avoid using them regularly to have a healthy nail.

11. Using good lotions:

One should always use non-toxic and good quality lotions and hand creams after removing the nail polish. It allows the nails to stay hydrated, and in return, one can strengthen the nails to a much extent.

12. Use the nail files properly:

One should always file the nails in one direction. A saw like movement while filing the nails may reduce the time for nail care, but it weakens the nails. One should file the nails in one direction to strengthen them. The sides of the nails should be filed with great care.

13. Look at the shampoo and the body soap:

While thinking to strengthen the nails at home, look at the contents of the shampoo and the soap. Many of them strip oils, and while using them, one can dry the nails. Dehydrated nails as already said are one of the significant causes for brittle or weak nails. Therefore, avoiding these types of shampoo helps to strengthen the nails at home.

14. Using the home cleaning products cautiously:

Many people clean the home using many readily available cleaning products. They can be furniture cleaners, floor cleaners, carpet cleaners, car cleaners and many more. Many of the cleaning wipes and products contain chemicals that are not good for the health of the nails. One should always wear gloves to avoid the nails to come with direct contact with the chemicals.

15. Take care of the cuticles:

The cuticles along the side are the part of the skin and act as a protective barrier for the nails. While cutting the cuticles may make your nails look great, but they peel off within days leading to infection, ridges and white lines. One should use nourishing oils to keep the cuticles healthy that in turn to make nails stronger home remedies.

16. Fight nail fungus:

It is quite common to have nail fungus which weakens the nails. Nail fungus can be easily treated at home to get strong nails. One can apply a few drops of tea tree oil to get rid of the nail fungus and strengthen the nails at home without visiting a doctor.

Concluding Thaughts

A proper diet and reasonable care and precaution while working with the hands can strengthen the nails considerably. There is no need to run to a doctor or a manicurist to take care of your nails and strengthen them. Some of the home remedies and the tips and tricks mentioned above are enough to grow strong nails naturally. Eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals to have good health. That, in turn, helps to strengthen the nails. Drinking plenty of water and juices keep the body hydrated and the nails moist. There should be a proper balance. Nails are part of our beauty, but if they are not properly cared for, they become weak and brittle. Follow the above home tips and remedies to have strong nails. It is time to enjoy the beauty of the nails, making them strong and naturally shinning.

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