Style That Bump!

Woman to woman. Our bodies reshape during pregnancy. Swollen ankles and feet, puffy face and hands, heavy breasts – just about everything is enlarged. And then there is that desire to fabulously dress the beautiful baby bump, without feeling uncomfortable or looking frumpy.

Clean cuts, good fit, pleasing colors and season friendly fabric go a long way in making oneself feel comfortable and elegant. The same is true during pregnancy. But maintaining the personal style when the body is constantly shapeshifting can become major style stress for any mum-to-be. I was unhappy too. I could no longer be sure which dress would fit or what outfit would look good on me. I did a lot of panic shopping from various stores but the fits and the fabric did not please me. I longed for comfort and style in the outfits but none of the outfits gave me that. I started to panic at the thought of abandoning my sense of style for drab, shapeless maternity wear.

Style That Bump!

I then decided to go online and try ordering some outfits. During my online searches, I came across Sunira Designs, a New York and New Delhi based conscious fashion label, and on their website their advanced customization feature grabbed my attention. I quickly filled in my requirements on the website and sent it off without expecting too much. To my pleasant surprise I received a call from their stylist and 10 minutes into the conversation all my worries were taken away. In no time the stylist knew what my style was, what I needed at this time (it was peak summertime) and how to flatter those ever-changing curves. Read on her sartorial guide for mums-to-be and then shop for your favorite maternity outfits.


Comfort rules the roost. As your baby grows and begins to move, you will sense lots of activity. Leave anything cramping or giving discomfort. But this does not mean you forego good style and embrace tent-like outfits. Form fitting silhouettes, gracefully flowing kurtas and tops, loose fitting bottoms with elastic bands are ideal choices for maternity wear.


Pick the right fabric. Cardinal rule while dressing for pregnancies is to wear season friendly fabric. Summer pregnancies deal with crazy high temperatures and humidity. Add to this, hot flushes and higher than normal body temperature (thanks to fluctuating hormones!), and you need to pick natural, breathable and flowy fabrics like cotton, rayon or the soft muls to keep cool. Choose light weight, airy outfits that are flowy or simple button-down dresses.

Cold weather pregnancy means you need to find the right balance between outside frigid temperatures and inside overheating feeling. Think layers and think natural fibers. Dressing in layers allows you to quickly adjust to changes in the surrounding by easily adding or removing, mixing and matching pieces such as shawls, knitted cardigans or ponchos. Clothing made of natural fibers such as wool, cashmere, silk or fleece are highly recommended.


Belly and boobs need extra space. If it is your first pregnancy, it would be impossible to know how the body will change. So, choose outfits that allow the abdominal area to expand as your pregnancy progresses. Non-maternity wear with comfortable fit that are one-two sizes up can be good clothing purchases for the first trimester.


Major time of my pregnancy was during the summers. And I enjoyed some beautiful cotton mul outfits which were elegant, made to my size (the readymades bothered me on my arms so bad), kept me comfortable and of course, HAPPY! I was happy to flaunt that bump! It’s probably the only time in your life when you will not be conscious of a protruding belly. Accept that you are bound to gain extra weight and enjoy the new curves! Experiment with new silhouettes, make dressing for pregnancy effortless and fun. Remember, relief from anything restricting or discomfort can work wonders for your mood and body.

So, what do you think? Would love to hear below in the comments about your tips on a stylish pregnancy look. With a little planning and expert advice, you can create your own stylish, unique and comfortable clothing for your pregnancy. For more ideas on elegant dressing during and after your pregnancy, check out Sunira Designs and book your appointment with an expert stylist. Have a great nine months!

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