5 Style Tips for College Men in 2021

It’s time for school after the holidays and while books take priority, there’s always some pressure to cool and stylish. The fashion-conscious college man has more on his head than books alone and has to follow the latest fashion trends keenly.  Whether you are a freshman or you are coming in for your sophomore year, wearing the latest style makes you more comfortable. It gives you a sense of belonging and if you choose your style right, you will stand out from the crowd.

Now, you have a lot of battles at school including nostalgia, work, and college homework papers.  There’s no need for adding more pressure in your life by becoming the guy who rocks last year’s fashion. This guide explores some styling tips to help you get into the school mode for 2020.

5 Style Tips for College Men

5 Style Tips for College Men

1. Don’t Overdo it

Well, you are going to college and not a fashion show. While it all good to admire Kanye West and his long tee line t-shirts, this is not a style you want to take to school. Go for a trendy but subtle fashion. The last thing you want is to wipe out your college fund to fund your dressing. Keep it simple but cool and always consider your budget.

2. T-shirts

The tees are a staple in every college guy’s wardrobe. There’s nothing as easy to wear as a t-shirt and if you haven’t invested in a dozen of these, it is time to hit the stores.  The classic tee has undergone multiple incarnations but it remains easy to wear for any occasion in college.

From school, sports, to gigs, your tees will sort you out. You can choose from the polos, perfect crew neck tee shirt, plan color tees, printed t-shirts, nature-inspired t-shirts, cartoon tees, gothic tees, artworks, rainbows, to mention a few.

3. Cool College Bag

While a college bag is essential in school, it is also an important part of college style and fashion. This is why most fashion houses have cool college bag designs for the fashion-conscious college guy. Don’t just buy the first college bag you come across. Instead, look for a trendy style that suits your fashion sense.

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4. Tie and Die

Yes, that’s right.  Tie and die made an impression on the runaways and you can expect it to explode in men’s fashion this year. The best thing about the tie and die trend is that it is cheap and you can get items already on the market at a bargain. If you want to look trendy, it is time to hit the thrift shop and grab those tie and die tees before you go to school.

5. Trendy Sneakers

When selecting shoes for college, you want a versatile and comfortable pair. A cool pair of Vans, for instance, works perfectly. The best thing about sneakers is the diversity in this category. You can always find something interesting on the market.

Wrapping Up

Preparing for college is a nervous experience as you don’t know what to expect. However, you can ease the tension by going shopping. It might be a stressful moment but you can hit college in style using these simple styling tips.

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