Summer Cleaning Tips for a Beautiful Home

Summer is just around the corner; here are a few cleaning tips to keep your home beautiful all season long.  The heat and humidity associated with summer will harm your home if it is not regularly monitored.

Summer Cleaning Tips for a Beautiful Home

Additionally, the summer brings mud, bugs, and odors. However, if you follow these easy cleaning tips you can keep your home beautiful all summer long. 

Keep Your Floors Clean And Tidy

Keeping your floors clean is essential in the summertime. Dust and debris can cause allergies and hay fever. To keep your floor tidy in the summer, sweep your house once daily.  In common areas like the kitchen, sweep twice daily as these areas build up the most dust. Brooms and dustpans are cheap, buy one for each floor of your house so you never forget to sweep. 

In addition to sweeping the floor, it is important to mop the floor at a regular interval or hire professional floor cleaning services. Make sure you use the right cleaning solution for the type of floor you are cleaning. Always make sure to sweep before you mop; mopping a dirty floor only pushes the dirt around and makes it harder to clean.

Replace Air Filters More Often

There is nothing worse than a dirty air filter. An air filter that is broken or clogged will cost you money, lower the air quality in your home, or worse cause your HVAC system to break.  During the summer months change your air filters once per month. Changing your air filters more often allows your family to breathe better, the AC to blow colder, and your bill will be lower. 

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Clean Appliances Are Happy Appliances

Mold and mildew grow faster all over the house, including the fridge and washing machine. Clean your fridge once per week to make sure past-date food items are thrown away before they start to smell. In addition to keeping your fridge clean, you should consider other major appliances like your washing machine.  Every six to ten washes it is best to run one load without clothes. Include a washing machine detergent if the machine shows any sign of mold or mildew.  Another pro tip, after each wash, leaves the door open so the machine can properly dry out. 

Get The Whole Family Involved

It takes the whole team to keep the house clean.  Dividing responsibilities among the members of the house makes for a faster process.  Additionally, each member of the house will have a sense of pride for a job well done.  It is important to have a plan and share the tasks evenly among everyone in the house.  Some families choose to rotate the tasks while others will assign each member a permanent task. 

Final Summer Cleaning Tip For A Beautiful Home

The final and most important tip, consistency is key.  In order to have a beautiful home all summer long, keep things on schedule.  Instead of planning to sweep once per day; set aside a specified hour every day dedicated to your new summer cleaning routine. It is easier to clean small amounts daily rather than a deep clean of the whole house once per week. 

By following these tips, you will have a beautiful, clean home that you will make you happy.

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