Sunglasses Style Guide for 2021 – Summer Sunglasses For You!

Sunglasses are cool fashion accessories that can improve your look instantly. Whether you are taking a walk in the park or enjoying the sun at the beach, sunglasses will help you stand out and make a fashion statement. New styles emerge every year, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. From aviators to cat-eye and colorful lenses, you will find incredible blinders that suit any summer ensemble.

Whether you are after vintage or modern sunglasses with fun twists, the latest trends will give you the spotlight you deserve. Here are the latest trends in sunglasses that you should look out for:

Sunglasses Style Guide for 2021 - Summer Sunglasses For You!1. Colourful Lenses

The classic dark lenses are becoming old, and they fade away in the crowd. Colorful lenses set apart your sunglasses and make a bold statement. While the classics provide adequate sun protection, it does not hurt to add a little twist to your summer look with candy-colored lenses. The colorful lenses are available in different styles, including oversized aviators, cat-eye designs, and tiny sunglasses. Besides, you can try out a dual-colored lens for a bolder look. While the colorful blinders are fantastic fashion accessories, they may not provide adequate protection from the sun. However, you can rock them on a cloudy day.

2. Tiny Sunglasses

Small blinders have been trending for the past couple of years. They are making a significant come back again with the rectangular style. The tiny rectangular blinders are effortlessly cool, and they complement any summer outfit. You can choose classic tortoise sunglasses with a rectangular frame that gives them a fresh look. You can also combine rectangular frames with colorful lenses.

3. Classic Aviators

If trendy and over-the-top sunglasses styles are too bold, you should not fret. Classic aviators never get old, and the ageless blinders are making a resurgence this year. The sunglasses are still a favorite pick since they look good on everyone. Besides, they complete any summer outfit with minimal effort. While simple aviators are chic, you can spice up your classic sunglasses with some maximalist details. For instance, you can go for colorful lenses like Ray Ban’s aviators with a rosy tint, which gives a fresh look to the signature blinders.

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4. Cat-Eye Sunglasses

The cat-eye is making a comeback as classic retro sunglasses with exaggerated wing-shaped frames. Many celebrities are also embracing the glamorous pair and stepping out in bold prints. You will find the shades in wild colours from green to cherry or lavender. The cat-eye frames were super thin in the past, but the trending wing-shaped frames stand out at the top with a round bottom. You can find sunglasses with different colourful lenses or coloured frames.

5. Round and Oversize Blinders

If tiny sunglasses are not your style, then the oversized shades will be your favourite trend. The round-frame and shape may be a style from the 1960s, but modern lenses give the pair a modern and fresh look. When paired with a suitable outfit, the sunglasses are chic and a must-have summer accessory. Besides, you can add a twist with the colourful lenses or a maximalist shield style.

6. Chained Sunglasses

In the past, people associated glasses chains with old librarians. However, the chains are trending with multiple chains to choose from, including sleek, sophisticated, and chunky chains. The accessory brings out your personality and taste in various metals. The chunky chains make a bold statement and have more impact than your frame or lenses. You can buy different chains and affix them to your favourite pair.

7. Modern Vintage

It is no secret that most trends this year are a combination of vintage styles blended with on-trend colours and patterns. You will find old school sunglasses like a vintage rectangular pair spiced up bright lenses or a retro classic cat-eye made contemporary with the frame adjustment and various colours. The modern vintage collection has a pair for every personality.

Different types of sunglasses are either emerging or making a comeback to the fashion scene. Even if sunglasses are an afterthought, you still need to upgrade that pair that you grab when stepping into the sun. The above trends will give you a fresh style and make you look fashionable.

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