7 Solid Reasons to Supplement Your Daily Routine with Neem Powder

With more than 130 different active compounds, essential vitamins and fatty acids, neem powder is a potent natural ingredient with life-altering properties! Ayurvedic medicine, which uses natural ingredients for holistic health and wellness, has been using neem extracts as a key ingredient since time immemorial.

Not only the leaves of the neem tree but also its roots, bark and seeds are considered to have important compounds with medicinal and anti-ageing properties. According to Ayurveda, this tree denotes complete health. With unlimited benefits to list down, here are 7 solid reasons to include neem powder in your daily routine for boosting your overall well-being!

7 Big Reasons to Add Neem Powder to Your Daily Routine

1. To Supplement Your Natural Immunity Level

Neem powder is a great immunity booster. The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of neem leaves can reinforce your body’s natural defences so you can take on the pressures of daily life without being bogged down by the impurities, chemicals, allergens and contaminants that surround you every day. Simply add one teaspoon of nutritious neem powder to your fitness beverage or glass of milk and you’re good to go for the rest of the day!

2. For Whole Body Purification

Naturally rich in antioxidants, neem powder is an excellent ingredient for flushing out impurities from the body. It can stimulate the liver and kidneys for eliminating unwanted substances, while also boosting body metabolism. Having neem powder mixed with lukewarm water first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day, cleanse your body, and boost your fitness levels.

3. To Supplement Your Slimming Efforts

Being rich in fibre, neem powder helps you feel fuller for longer so you can avoid untimely cravings and stay focused on your fitness journey. Neem powder is also good for the stomach and helps in the elimination of waste. Including neem powder in your daily diet is a safe, natural and easy way to supplement your efforts for shedding those extra pounds. And, organically sourced neem powder is a great option for vegans and vegetarians looking for a versatile powder that can be added to their juices, smoothies or shakes.

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4. For Clean & Clear Skin

Regular supplementation of neem powder can even out your complexion, enhance skin elasticity and give it a radiant glow from within. The antioxidants in neem leaves are helpful in slowing down the production of melanin. This lightens blemishes and dark spots. Calming neem powder is also ideal for those with acneic skin. This skin-friendly herb can also be used as a soothing face pack for addressing all your skin woes!

5. For Shiny & Lustrous Hair

Neem powder can also be used for targeting hair problems! The antibacterial properties of neem powder may be helpful in treating a dry scalp, thinning hair issues, dandruff and itchiness. Add little water to dry neem powder and form a paste. Apply this paste to your hair from the roots to the tip and let it rest for two hours. Rinse the mask with water and shampoo. Do this once every week for fullness, volume, and shine.

6. For Overall Oral Hygiene

Neem has always been a key ingredient in most oral care products. The antibacterial properties of neem are considered to be highly beneficial in targeting bacteria that invite periodontal diseases. Regular intake of neem powder is not only good for your teeth and gums but it can also address bad breath problems caused by an upset stomach. You can also use neem water as a mouthwash.

7. For a Vitality Boost 

Neem is also believed to have blood-purifying effects and is used for body cleansing in Ayurvedic medicines. It also contributes to a key focal point of vitality – the heart. There have been several clinical studies linking Neem with blood flow, which greatly influences the health of your heart. So, with regular supplementation of neem powder in daily life, you can enhance your nutritional intake and see the health gains in your overall wellness and quality of life.

Advice on Using Need Powder

Neem is a life-changing herb, however, it is also potent and so, it is not ideal for toddlers and infants. Also, individuals suffering from diabetes, kidney or liver disorders should consult their healthcare practitioner before taking neem supplements. Neem powder is also not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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