Tips on Building a Capsule Jewelry Wardrobe

Building a capsule jewelry wardrobe, that small collection of pieces to wear every day, doesn’t mean you have to give up quality. Instead, it provides a way to focus on your jewelry must-haves and select the top-of-the-line items to wear most often.

While it can be a challenge to narrow down your choices, culling your jewelry collection to just a few everyday items provides terrific benefits, including saving you time, helping you avoid impulse buys, and keeping you fashionable. The key is to find the pieces you love in each category—earrings, necklaces, and wristwear—so you won’t feel you’re missing out or depriving yourself of anything. Invest in the best, from stunning luxury watches to classic pendant necklaces, to take you anywhere, no matter what you’re wearing.

What Metal Suits You Best

Tips on Building a Capsule Jewelry Wardrobe

To build your capsule jewelry wardrobe, first determine which metal suits you best. Is it gold, rose gold, or silver? Choose your favorite, or try laying each one against your skin to see which complements your tone the best. The one you choose will serve as the foundation of your capsule jewelry selections.

Cull Your Current Jewelry Collection

There is no perfect number of jewelry items to have in your capsule. The range is usually anywhere between a minimal six items to just over thirty pieces of jewelry. How many you have will depend on your personal preferences. Start by pulling out everything you have and spread it all out on a table. Sort them into groups for rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, and earrings. Look through each group and identify which ones you love and wear the most. All others need to be donated, sold, or carefully stored, clearing space for either new additions you’ll wear every day or to showcase what you already have.

What to Include in a Capsule Jewelry Wardrobe

Building a capsule jewelry wardrobe you can count on every day is personal based on your unique style and preferences. Consider how you typically wear jewelry and then follow these tips on building a capsule jewelry wardrobe you can excitedly get behind.

●       Rings

Capsule wardrobes consist of everyday items, so while you may be tempted to splash out on a bold cocktail ring, it is often best to opt for a more demure piece to add a subtle touch of sparkle to your hands. Simple gold or silver bands with small gemstones can complement most other accessories in your collection. For the longest-lasting option, which will retain its value best over time, choose solid gold rather than plated jewelry.

Family heirloom rings are also an excellent addition to your capsule jewelry wardrobe and can form the basis from which you choose all your other jewelry. Make sure it comes with a strong setting such as bezel, flush, or 6-prong settings, so you won’t have to worry about losing any precious gemstones.

●       Bracelets

A classic pearl bracelet or a white- or yellow-gold and diamond tennis bracelet would be ideal, as they match with almost any outfit you have, from sporty athleisure or elegant formalwear. You can also start with a more inconspicuous chain bracelet or simple gold cuff. These both go well with a variety of outfits and add a feminine touch to jeans and jogging wear. Besides simple designs, consider adding a statement bracelet, such as a colorful bangle or two. These are subtle alternatives to statement necklaces, still being memorable but not overwhelming.

●       Luxury Watches

Luxury watches make a statement without being overly pretentious. They can also serve as the only piece of visible jewelry you have on, creating an understated yet confident look to anything you wear each day. Start with one for everyday wear, avoiding colorful dials and designs. A two-tone design with a white- and yellow-gold bracelet ensures that it matches with other jewelry. Look for these models from well-known brands such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe.

Alternatively, choose a slim watch with a leather strap for a more casual look that can easily be worn to the office, such as the classic Cartier Tank. Make sure the watch face features a sapphire crystal for the best scratch-resistance and is waterproof up to at least 30 ft. to prevent damage if you get caught in the rain.

●       Necklaces

Nothing says class and sophistication more than a classic, understated necklace, particularly if the neckline you wear highlights its pendant. Basic designs are best when choosing necklaces for everyday wear. Look for a teardrop- or pear-shaped diamond pendant necklace or a delicate bar necklace in solid yellow or white gold. A pearl necklace is a timeless piece that pairs equally well with formal gowns as it does with a blouse and jeans. Choose cultured pearls over natural ones, as they are more uniform. Akoya and South Sea pearls are a worthwhile investment, and several well-known brands specialize in pearl jewelry, including Mikimoto, Assael, and Nina Runsdorf.

Also, consider chain length when selecting your necklaces. Different lengths flatter various necklines, so look for a few different ones to wear to add variety to your wardrobe. These may include an 18” princess-length necklace for every day and a 30” opera length for special occasions. For a modern look, you may prefer a 14” choker chain for every day and go for a 24” matinee length for a statement necklace.

●       Earrings

While you may prefer to have a variety of earrings to choose from each day, start with a few basic designs and build from there. Top of this list are diamond stud earrings to wear with anything from a new cocktail dress to a business suit. These studs scream confidence, so also wear them to dress up a casual outfit. You’ll also want to consider adding a set of classic pearl earrings next, including studs or a flowing teardrop design.  From here, add the pieces that fit your personality best, whether those are gold hoops or charming artsy danglers.

Invest in Jewelry Pieces to Wear Every Day

Versatility is key to everything you select for your smaller jewelry collection. Every piece you include needs to go well with the majority of clothes you have in your closet, from casual to elegant. In addition, investing in high-end jewelry ensures they can handle the daily wear you’ll put them through and continue to look stunning in the years ahead. Approach the task of building your capsule jewelry wardrobe with confidence and create a style that defines who you are. Find that one piece you love the most and build around it, or go all-in trying something new.

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