Tips On Leading A Healthy Life

Are you one of those whose New Year resolutions sound like, “Oh I am going to live a healthy life this year” & fail to follow up on it? Guilty as charged! We have all been there & have failed miserably. A healthy & happy life is nothing short of a blessing! But how do we stay true to these words?

Here are some tips on making the promise of leading a healthy life come true –

Tips On Leading A Healthy Life

Tips On Leading A Healthy Life

1. Eat & drink healthy –

If only we got healthy for every time someone gave us this tip! This is a pro-tip, shared by everyone. And they are not wrong. The foundation of a healthy life lies in what you feed your body. After all, you are what you eat.

We are not asking you to dump that pizza or get rid of pasta. Make it healthier for your own body. Replace that all-purpose flour bread with wheat flour. Use more veggies for the topping. It is 2021. Still, drinking soft drinks? Ditch them for juices, coconut water, or homemade recipes.

2. Exercise –  

Get that body movin’! You know how items when lying around, catch rust. But if you keep using them, they are as good as new. The same goes for our bodies too.

Again, we are not asking you to hit the gym. We all know how the gym memberships end. It is an unhealthy relationship that needs to be done away with. But then how to do this?

If you are just starting, go for long, brisk walks. Keep a count of your steps. Burn those extra calories. Gradually transform into jogging & then move to run. If you are not any of these, we suggest home exercises! No excuses at all.

Look for beginner-friendly exercises on the internet & sweat it out for at least 20 minutes. There are tonnes of such videos on the internet.

3. Bring home a pet –

There, we said it. And it’s true. Getting a pet will turn your life around for the best. It doesn’t matter if you get a dog or a cat. The vet visits, the walkies & goofing around the house will make your days happier. You will catch yourself smiling. This happiness is incomparable. You will fall in love!

And it’s just not us. Even scientists & researchers agree that pets help you lead a healthier life. Regular playtime with pets decreases blood pressure, cholesterol & triglyceride levels. They also cure loneliness & depression. They offer their companionship without any conditions. Still thinking? We say go fur it!

4. Mental health –

Just like you need healthy food for your body, you need happy thoughts for your mind too. Mental health has slowly made its place in our discussions & rightly so. A healthy life sans a healthy mind is incomplete.

Find what makes you happy. It can be listening to music, or painting, or simply watching the rain from your window. Give yourself space & time to do nothing.

Times are tough & we all need someone to listen to us. If you are still reeling under anxiety or depressive thoughts, visit a therapist. Don’t let the demons resting in your brain get the better of you.

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5. Make a habit –

It is often said that it is easier to fall into the trap of bad habits. Because it feels easier & convenient. Staying & leading a healthy life takes time and a habit. You can’t lead a healthy life within 7 days. It is a commitment that takes time & effort. Make it a habit. Be conscious & it will eventually become your lifestyle.

We hope these tips help you finally fulfill those pending resolutions! Live healthily, stay healthy!

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