5 Essential Tips To Choose The Best Eau De Toilette For A Date

Are you preparing for a date but don’t know what fragrance to wear? Depending on the time of day, occasion, and the place you’ll go to, the fragrance you wear can say a lot about your personality.

Best Eau De Toilette

Should you choose a bold and strong scent that makes an inevitable impression? Or should you go with gentler and fresher fragrances that show cleanliness and self-care?

5 Tips on Choosing the Right Eau de Toilette

1. Know What Your Date Is Like:

When choosing a fragrance for a date, it’s important to consider what your date is like. For example, they may be intolerant or allergic to strong fragrances or easily overwhelmed by smells. The best solution is to spray 1-3 times and let the perfume settle on you softly.

If you prefer a designer eau de toilette, Versace Eros is the perfect choice for you. It’s a very sensual fragrance with top notes of lemon, mint, and green apples and base notes of cedar, vetiver, and vanilla.

2. Choose a Fragrance Based on the Occasion:

What EDT you choose depends on the type of date you have planned. For example, a date night at a fancy restaurant will require a different fragrance than a casual coffee date or picnic at the park.

Also, consider the weather and season – winter and fall fragrance for men tend to be stronger and sweeter and may not be a good idea for a hot summer day.

3. Know Your Budget:

High-end men’s fragrance has a higher price point than mass-produced fragrance but it’s also more durable. If you plan to buy a new bottle just for the date, make sure it’s not something you’ve never used before.

Different scents smell differently on everyone. Often, the fragrance you tried on at the store will smell differently on you after a few hours. So don’t overspend on a brand new fragrance and go with proven scents you already like.

4. Don’t Forget Your Personal Style:

When you want to make a good impression, it’s easy to go for the trendy fragrances but don’t forget your personal style. You don’t have to use an entirely different eau de toilette that’s out of your comfort zone.

Stay true to yourself and don’t be scared to express your taste fearlessly. After all, your date wants to get to know your real self, not a made-up version of you.

5. Match the EDT With Your Mood:

Fragrances can be the best mood boosters so if you’re feeling nervous before your date, use a fragrance that makes you feel calm. If you’re tired, use an uplifting and energizing fragrance that’ll perk you up. If you’re feeling bold, use a bold eau de toilette as well.

Choose the Best Eau de Toilette for Date Night With These Proven Tips

Whether you’re going on a first date or you’ve had a few dates by now, these tips will help you choose the right eau de toilette every time. A good fragrance is gentle and sensual but not overpowering and can say a lot about the type of person you are.

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