10 Tips to Make your Uniforms Interesting and Stylish

Uniforms across the world are considered to be pretty boring and unimaginative. Most employees will confirm this for you.

Even though the purpose of uniforms is to unite the employees while providing a professional look and act as an extension of a company’s brand, it doesn’t have to be repetitive and standard.

Off late, many uniform providers have shifted their perspective by creating more uniform designs that are not only trendy but also add personality to their wearers.

Gone are the days of polyester polo shirts and skirts. Today’s uniforms are designed to grab customer’s eyeballs as well as to personify the brand’s identity through elegance, style, and unique designs.

So, if you are looking to modernize the way your uniforms look and feel, we have come up with a few simple yet effective tips that will help you make your uniforms stand out from the pack.

We’ve taken design inputs from one of the leading uniform and workwear providers in the USA, Classic Custom Uniforms, to bring you these invaluable tops.

Tips to make your uniforms interesting and stylish

10 simple yet effective tips to make your uniforms interesting and stylish

1. Simplicity is the key

Most uniform designers, in a bid to modernize the look, go overboard. However, this results in a not-so-appealing look.

In order to avoid this, keeping your uniform designs simple with minimal changes and distractions is important. Creating a minimalistic uniform also gives your brand a chic and classy voice.

Remember that keeping it simple will never go out of style. Take the healthcare scrubs, for instance, most brands keep it pretty simple and functional, yet so attractive.

2. Include statement pieces

Most brands today have started including designs and color patterns that are pretty bold.

So, if you want your brand’s voice to be bold but not go overboard, you may consider including statement pieces to give your uniforms some character.

Though including statement pieces to a uniform is not new, it is quite a rage in today’s fashion industry.

But, if you are wondering what a statement piece is or how to integrate one into your uniforms, read on.

A statement piece is a piece of accessory or an essential add-on a person can wear to complete their uniform look. It can be a jacket, blazer, scarves, purse, earrings, etc.

Statement pieces especially go well with employees in the airlines and hospitality industry compared to other industries.

3. Chose the correct texture

Another simple and subtle way to provide definition to your uniforms is to add texture to them. Adding textures to uniforms adds elegance and goes a long way in making them stand out from the ones available in the market today.

While most people do not find it necessary to add textures to uniforms, it is quickly becoming a trend of sorts. You may choose fabrics like linen, leather, or even wool to provide texture to the uniforms, based on the working conditions and other factors.

4. Take hints from the past

Apparel fashion is a cycle. What is in-rage now will eventually go out of style, only to resurface a few years later.

So, if you are looking to redesign or revamp your uniforms, take hints from past fashion trends, say, the 90s, and include them into your uniform’s design.

For example, you may choose bold colors, checks, tweeds, sweater vests, etc.

5. Use just one item

Using just one item as the uniform is a simple and economical way to have a uniform.

For this, you may choose to have just a shirt or a blazer/jacket as a uniform. However, make sure the item you choose and its color goes well with your brand as well as your employee’s casual clothing.

6. Revamp your uniforms often

Most companies stick to a particular uniform for years together. While there is nothing wrong with this and in turn helps in improving the brand recall, you must refresh bits and aspects of the uniform every 12 months.

This will help in phasing out the parts of the uniforms that are no longer trending. It will also keep your team interested and excited.

As for overhauling the uniforms completely, you may want to do it every 3-4 years.

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7. Value your staff’s opinion

If you are looking for inputs to design your latest uniforms, look no further. Take design inputs and other functional changes feedback from your staff and employees, as no one is better equipped to provide you with the best insights than the people who use the uniforms on a daily basis.

In addition to the functional changes suggested by your employees, chances are that they may also come up with unique ideals to make your uniforms vibrant.

8. Footwear

Footwear is one of the most overlooked pieces in a uniform. While it is important to keep the footwear as functional as possible depending on the industry your employees are working in, it does not mean that you skimp or completely ignore how the footwear looks or goes with the overall attire.

Make sure you pick the right kind of footwear that goes with your uniform as well as provide the functionality to the employees while working. One most preferred types of footwear is Trainers. They go along with most uniforms today.

9. Enable personalization

Providing personalization to uniforms in the form of embroidery is a sure shot way to ensure that your uniforms, even though use a common design, stand out from others.

It provides a unique touch to the uniforms and also builds trust. This is especially important in uniforms worn in the healthcare industry.

In order to make the most of this feature, most uniform providers today are including designer tools in their online uniform stores.

10. Choose the right uniform stores

Finally, it goes without saying, if you are on the lookout for good-looking and quality uniforms that are stylish and trendy, you need to pick them up from the right uniform stores.

While the online market is inundated with a number of uniform stores, a little research will help you in finding the right store.

That being said, all types of uniforms with the above-mentioned tips can easily found at Classic Custom Uniforms.

What are you waiting for, go on and select the perfect uniforms and workwear your employees and brand deserves.

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