Transitioning Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring: 7 Helpful Tips

The cold of winter feels like it’s finally loosening its grip, and you’re ready to see the sunshine again. You want winter to transition into spring as opposed to slamming the door in winter’s face and sprinting toward spring (as vindicating as that may sound). Let’s help make that transition a little easier.

Transitioning Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring: 7 Helpful Tips

Transitioning Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring: 7 Helpful Tips

Tip 1: Add in Pops of Lighter Metal
This is really good for early spring when you don’t want to make too many drastic changes, especially if it’s still cold and gloomy where you are. However, now‘s the time to bring out the lighter pieces of your everyday jewelry.

This is the time of year to slowly start breaking out golds, bronzes, or even rose gold if you’ve had a warmer early spring. You can, of course, also choose a lighter silver if you wear a lot of darker grays or other dark metals.

Tip 2: Start Introducing Colors Slowly

This is more art than science at this point. You don’t want to go from looking like a runway model at a funeral to the summer issue of the Lands’ End catalog. There’s a delicate balance here, so don’t rush into it.

The simplest way is just to start lightening the neutral tones that you’re wearing. If you aren’t ready to throw on the pastels of spring, start with light neutrals and ease your way into them. From there, maybe introduce some darker versions of the pastels until the weather gets warm enough for all the fun, Easter-type colors. Adjust as necessary for the weather where you are, but this is a pretty good rule of thumb.

Tip 3: Pops of Color Look Great as Well

There was a time when everyone was really into bright-colored socks and shoes alongside an otherwise neutral outfit. That wasn’t that long ago (we’re pretty sure), so hopefully, you remember it before we feel old. Point is that while you don’t have to do exactly that, subtle pops of color work well.

It can absolutely be something like brighter shoes alongside a more neutral outfit or maybe even a pop of a deeper color like dark blue or purple. Maybe just don’t start with anything in neon.

Tip 4: Just Take Off a Layer

There’s no simpler answer to the end of winter and beginning of spring transition than just taking off a layer. Got an overcoat on? Take that off and make your sweater the outer layer. Of course, you may need to wear a slightly heavier base layer to make up for the warm difference, at least in the really early season, but it achieves the look.

Tip 5: Don’t Store Everything Just Yet

Winter may have loosened its grip, but who’s to say it’s done with us just yet? Of course, your heaviest pieces can (probably) be stored at this point, but don’t put your heavier layers away too soon. Once winter sees you putting it away, it assumes you’re mocking it and is guaranteed to come back with a vengeance. That’s just science.

Of course, in small spaces where every square inch is a premium, you may find yourself having to store your bulky items to make room for some warmer weather ones. In that case, you’re probably resigned to occasionally taking your heavy coats back out when winter wants to play an encore. Sorry about that.

Tip 6: Don’t Mix Seasonal Accessories

Yes, we just said to transition from winter to spring slowly. We meant that, but sorry if you felt like we just gave you whiplash. Allow us to explain. You want the outfit to transition across the seasons, but your accessories need to stay consistent. Like, you wouldn’t wear jeans, flip-flops, and gloves, right? The only place that sounds remotely useful is northern Florida — and even that’s a stretch.

The point is, you want your whole outfit to look cohesive, so if you have accessories that are decidedly winter-focused (e.g., gloves) alongside pieces that are decidedly spring-focused (sandals), you’re going to look seasonally confused at best. While we assume you aren’t matching sandals and gloves, the focus here is staying consistent.

Tip 7: Don’t Rush into It
As we said, it’s more art than science. You want it to be a nice natural transition, but you also want to adjust for seasonal weather patterns. If you live in a part of the country known for its temperamental weather, it’s just a delicate dance you do with the seasons.

Consider small ways to liven up your outfits without too much transitional work. Things like adding stackable wedding bands to your wedding ring, bringing in small pops of color, and layering some lighter pieces instead of just using a heavier coat. It’s not perfect, but it’s a solid start.

This is just going to take trial and error, especially if you’ve moved to a different section of the country recently. Once you find a formula that works, though, you’re set.

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