Urban Monkey Teamed Up With RAFTAAR for New Collaborations: T-shirts, Caps, and Face Masks

The long wait for the great collaborated metaverse between Urban Monkey and Raftaar is finally here. It is tremendously exciting for urban fashion enthusiasts. So, if you are a fan of street-style and hip-hop fashion, this is something you can not miss.  

If you are an adventurer, the new Urban Monkey X Raftaar merchandise will be your perfect ally. We have created the ‘Beyond Raftaar’ merchandise especially for those who like to lead and inspire. The experimental collection was designed by Raftaar in collaboration with Urban Monkey. 

UmxRaftaar merchandise 

Urban Monkey Teamed Up With RAFTAAR for New Collaborations

This is an experimental initiative by Urban Monkey and Raftaar to encourage our youth toward street-style fashion. We have a massive collection of wearables that ranges from T-shirts to caps and face masks. There are various options to choose from in the different categories, as our motto is to make fashion accessible to all. 

  • Raftaar T-shirts

Talking about our Urban Monkey X Raftaar T-shirts, we have options such as Spirit Animal, Respawn, Gamers Don’t Die, Metaverse, Progress > Perfection, and Transform-R. These will help bring out the fashionista inside you. Choose one that best suits your personality. You can visit our official website and buy these T-shirts, which are part of the ‘Beyond Raftaar’ edition.

The best feature of these T-shirts is that they are unisex. From full-sleeved crew neck to boxy fit, these are made with 100% pure cotton and are soft and breathable. The enigmatic RR logo patch is at the bottom with different types of gradient fonts and colours according to your chosen T-shirt option. And finally, they are entirely made in India. 

  • Raftaar Caps 

You will be spoilt for choice with the options in our new collection of Raftaar caps. Following a hip-hop lifestyle requires the cap to be perfectly suitable for that personality. And we have tried to do just that for you. Choose and buy Raftaar caps from our assorted UmxRaftaar merchandise. The options are designed for varied personalities: Phoenix, Icon, Super Sonic, Eraavat, 1988, Space Shooter, Space Ninja, and Radioactive. 

The main feature of our caps is that they are available in multiple colours. They are made with 100% cotton and polyester. In addition to that, you get a one-year stitching guarantee. 

  • Raftaar Face masks 

Face masks are not new to the fashion scene anymore. But when it comes to UmxRaftaar, you are guaranteed something new and experimental. The face mask collection includes Super Sonic, Black Sheep, 1988, and RR. These are all unisex, made with 100% cotton, soft, and breathable with double-layered protection. They are washable, reusable, foldable, and resistant to wrinkles. Buy these exciting Raftaar face masks from our online store. 

Raftaar and Urban Monkey have collaborated to create fashion dedicated to youth who love the street-style hip-hop life. So without any further ado, check out our vast range of collections. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

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