4 Vintage Habits Men Should Never Let Go

Some habits were previously daily habits. But due to modernity, technology, or simply the passage of time, have remained in the past, despite how useful they were. In this article, you will read some habits that your grandfather or even your father probably did years ago and that every gentleman should imitate. They are relevant habits because they will help you improve some areas of your life, such as your health, physical condition, and social life.

Vintage Habits Men

Keep Your Beard Groomed:

For many men, a beard is part of their personality and gives them an additional touch to their appearance. In fact, the beard is considered by many to be an element of great importance for a manly appearance. There are many styles to wear your beard and nowadays it has even become fashionable to have a long or messy beard. However, every gentleman knows that the best way to wear a beard is to keep it neat and tidy.

In addition to being a relevant and outstanding part of your appearance, your beard greatly influences the first impression you project towards others. Depending on the care you give to your beard, you may look very manly and elegant, or you may not give it the attention and care that facial hair deserves to show it off as it deserves. Another aspect that you should consider regarding the care of your beard is that underneath it is part of your facial skin. This skin is delicate and requires care that includes hydration, nutrition, and cleansing.

Tailored Suits:

A tailored suit can significantly elevate how you look, and that is something the gentlemen of yesteryear knew very well. Today, you can go to a store and choose a garment between sizes S, M, or L, but those are standard measurements that do not fit your body perfectly. In addition, you will most likely buy a garment many other men have already bought in the same store. If you want to look attractive, you must get clothes made perfectly for you.

The tailored suit is probably the most elegant and exclusive piece of clothing that a man can wear. Tailor-made suits are unique and personalized garments that you can use for everyday wear, at special events, or at jobs where it is crucial to have an elegant image. One of the main reasons for making a custom suit is that it is uniquely and exclusively made, according to the proportions of your body. Thanks to taking measurements, taking into account your height or more specific measurements, your suit will fit perfectly.

Another advantage that a completely tailored suit has over a commercial one is that its construction is much more durable. This is because both the materials and the way of making it have higher quality and a better finish. When you wear a tailored suit, the shapes and contours are unique, they have no comparison with more conventional suits. This is because, for example, your height or waist measurements are taken into account when making the suit. Although the price is higher, thanks to its duration it is a good investment that is very profitable in the long term.

Practice Ballroom Dancing:

When you hear the words ballroom dancing, you might mistakenly think that it is something old-fashioned that only our grandparents used to do. Nothing further from reality! Ballroom dancing is preferred by many because of the many dance genres it involves and which are super fun to perform. Think about it. The most common dances are usually salsa or hip-hop. Learning ballroom dancing will give you a unique touch above other men. In addition, it is a dance that remembers the gentlemen of 60 years ago.

Ballroom dancing has not gone out of style. This dance is in a moment of full boom, gaining strength, and these days, there are more younger students taking ballroom dancing classes since the fun this practice offers makes it irresistible. It could even be an excellent option to have a romantic date! Ballroom dancing involves being close to each other, body to body, and can help develop intimacy in a budding couple. Furthermore, this approach must be accompanied by the coordination of both, so the two people must synchronize. Make sure you’re properly equipped with the right footwear – your dance shoes and your partner’s Latin ballroom shoes are essential for syncing up perfectly as you get ready for what’s sure to be an amazing date!

Have a Trusted Barber:

Having a trusted barber is one of those habits that must undoubtedly return. If you ask your father or grandfather about their barber, they will surely tell you about someone they have known for years. Nowadays there are so many options for getting a haircut that many do not give much importance to being a loyal customer of a single barber, but constantly changing salons can cause problems.

Getting your haircut by the same person as always can give you several advantages, such as ensuring that you will always receive quality service since there will be no unpleasant surprises. It is also possible that the barber chooses to give you benefits such as discounts or promotions thanks to your loyalty as a customer. Before selecting your trusted barber, keep in mind that it is crucial to choose a barbershop where the people who work there have the latest knowledge in hair cuts and trends.


You can learn many positive things from your father or grandfather, and the habits that appear on this list are some of them. You can elevate how you see yourself and how others perceive you if you make the right changes in your lifestyle. You can start by creating your own garden, tailor-make your suits, stay healthy by doing ballroom dancing, and take care of your image by having a trusted barber. Those small details are crucial to improving your health, style, physique, and your appearance. Do you want to know more vintage habits you can adopt? Invite your grandfather or father over for coffee and let them tell you.

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