Everything Your Watch Says About How You Dress

Watches are great. Not only do they help you tell the time, but they’re beautiful pieces of craftsmanship. People don’t realize this, but the watch you wear tells a lot about the type of person you are. It especially reveals a lot about your fashion sense. Before you choose a time-piece at the store, read our article. Everything your watch says about how you dress will be discussed.

What your Watch says about your Status

Everything Your Watch Says About How You Dress

You Dress Simply

As you’ll see, watches come in all shapes and sizes. One of our favorites is the dress watch. It’s classic, having a large face and simple dial. It usually comes with leather straps, adding some extra sophistication.

Dress watches don’t grab attention, so rocking one on your wrist will tell people that you’re a simple individual. The fact that it doesn’t come with any flashy features helps too.

You Dress To impress

Timepieces can be very expensive. You don’t have to be a watch enthusiast to know this. Thankfully, there are alternatives for more expensive pieces. Brands like Invicta have collections that look a lot like the Omega Sea Masters.

When you wear replicas, it’s clear that you dress to impress. Why else would you be wearing a timepiece that looks like a million bucks?

Brands like Bulova tell the same thing. They’re not too pricey, yet their pieces look as good as more high-end brands, according to Thomas Vanderlaan from Wrist Watch Pro. It isn’t surprising that watch enthusiasts are crazy over Bulova.

You’re Dripping in Money

Wearing an expensive looking watch would tell people that you mean business. Wearing a watch that is well-known for its significant price tag makes even more of a statement. Everyone knows how expensive Rolex’s pieces are. They are easily identifiable and look a way that dupes can’t really match.

With one of their timepieces on your wrist, you’re all about showing how well off you are. You’re also a confident person as you aren’t afraid to flaunt some bling.

You’re With the Times

Look at what people are wearing. You’ll notice that it’s different from a few years ago. Fashion trends come and go, and this is true for watches as well. Right now, jeweled pieces are popular. By wearing such a piece, you’ll be telling people that you’re with the times. You’re probably very fashionable too, which is why you have an array of watches to match your outfits.

You Love Vintage

Vintage stuff is cool. They’re blasts from the past, and pay tribute to the eras long-gone. You may be a vintage fan, encompassing retro concepts into what you’re wearing. This is easy to do as brands these days are putting more retro elements into their designs.

People will be able to tell you enjoy vintage things through your watch. Field watches exist – they were created during WWII. They look antique and are still made by major brands today. They definitely add some flair to whatever you’re wearing.

You’re Always Comfortable

You don’t care about what others think. You dress for yourself and there’s nothing wrong with that. This is obvious by the materials your clothes are made from. If they’re baggy, stretchy or not that expensive looking, you’ll be able to tell.

This is also translated to your watch. Timepieces are equipped with an array of straps. Although stainless steel and leather look great, they aren’t the easiest to have on. Do you know what is? Fabric. Smaller watches are easier to have on too – they weigh your wrist down less.

Definitely not as obvious, but the buckle on your watch will tell whether you’re a fan of dressing comfortably or not. There are different types of them, and many require effort to put on. Buckles like Butterfly clasps make you fit multiple latches in place. Know that push button clasps exist. Putting them on is a literal push of a button. Some watch straps are breeze to put on, like nylon.

You’re A Sporty Individual

Take a look at your outfit. You probably have running shoes on. You’re also wearing a top that’s lightweight and body-fitting, which is great for the outdoors. People like you are always ready for some outdoor time, even when you’re busy doing other things. That’s why the watch on your wrist is a fit-bit.

If it’s not a calorie tracker, it may be a sports watch. These are durable, water resistant pieces that can handle the outdoors. A major sign of a sports watch is it looking rugged.

You’re A Busy Person

You’re probably a very busy person. People with places to be need gadgets to make their job easier. A good example of this is a smart watch. It comes packed with alarms, stop-clocks, the ability to answer calls and texts, and of course, planners.

Let’s not forget that Apple watches are chic. They tie outfits together, and work especially great with black ensembles. Wearing a smart-watch would not only tell people that you’re busy, but that you’re fashion conscious. This is especially true if you change its strap to the outfit you’re wearing.

Final Thoughts

People are quick to judge, which is why first impressions matter. You should always think about what you’re wearing. The thing is, your watch tells a lot about you. It’s especially great at telling people what your fashion sense is like.

If you wear a dress watch, you’re seen as a more classic, simple individual. Watches can be expensive. That’s why there are replicas for pieces that cost a lot. Having them on your wrist would tell people that you care about what they think.

You especially care if you’re actually wearing an expensive piece. Something that costs as much as a car on your wrist will also showcase that you’re not shy about flaunting things. They’re also intricate and come with many movements, which bring all eyes on you.

Of course, you may like dressing more comfortably, which is why you wear lightweight, fabric timepieces. Or you could be someone that loves vintage clothes. Field watches are a favorite amongst antique lovers.

At the end of the day, watches in all sizes and forms. It isn’t surprising that they tell a lot about you. Which of our points reflect you the most?

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