5 Ways to Design A Home that Reflects Your Personality

When you make your home your own, chances are you will feel more comfortable being at home and coming home after an extended time away. Designing a home that reflects your personality can be done by a designer, but chances are you know yourself better than any designer would. You don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune to design a home that reflects your personality. The following five key points can help you get on the right track, whether you are selling your home or making it more comfortable for everyone in your household. 

5 Ways to Design A Home that Reflects Your Personality

Use color

5 Ways to Design A Home that Reflects Your Personality

Adding color may be one of the easiest ways to let your personality shine in your home. But you want to be intentional about how you use color. Going too bold can mean that the color overpowers your home, and you could get annoyed by having this color (such as orange) around you all the time. It can help to create a board using Pinterest or to collect color samples to start thinking about your favorite colors to add to your home. Think about accent colors as well as neutral tones that help you feel calm and relaxed.

Designate a space

You might have a collection of photographs from your travels, a library of vintage books, or a set of records that show your personality. To let them shine, you’ll want to create a dedicated space, such as a shelf, bookcase, or cabinet for display. Highlighting your personal items will keep them organized and put a spotlight on your interests and add them as a decorative element in your home.

Focus on functionality

Your personality doesn’t only show through the objects in your home, it’s also in how you use your home. A home chef may want a redesigned kitchen with artwork on the walls, a decorative backsplash, and plenty of lighting and counter space. If you need a living room that doubles as a yoga studio, home gym, or cinema, you may have different lighting options, than if it’s just a living room. Think about how you use your home and then make updates to add to your comfort and convenience. 

Pick a theme

The way you design your home can give it an energy boost. Picking a theme for common areas can help to create a cohesiveness that reflects your personality. For example, if you live by the ocean, you might want to create a light and airy atmosphere in your home. If you prefer a more cozy space, think of adding comfortable blankets and pillows. Minimalists may want to keep it as simple as possible in all white or muted tones.

Showcase your favorites

Realtors talk about home staging, that is, decorating a home to show to potential buyers, but some of the rules of staging also apply when creating a home space for yourself. One tip from home stagers is to pick one key decorative item as a focal point in a room. Chances are this one item reflects your personality, and by letting it be the center of the show, your personality will shine. If you have more than one item, consider focusing on one and maybe moving other items to a bedroom or even in the kitchen (such as with framed artwork). Knowing what you like and putting it on display will give your home your unique touch.

Giving your home some personality can help you feel more comfortable and help you enjoy spending time there with friends and family. 

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