The Power of Meditation and Ways to Eliminate Toxic Lifestyle

“Meditation is like a gym in which you develop the powerful mental muscles of calm and insight.”– Ajahn Brahm

That said meditation is an important gem in this chaotic life. Even before the pandemic began, you often get stressed-out whether it is a work or family matters or other kinds of stuff, you are weighed down by debt, and struggle hard to strive for resources. You worry too much and forget to take a deep breath and exhale the negative mentality that’s draining you.

But what are the things that you need to do to fight your mental war?

Here is the four-way step to start:

The Power of Meditation and Ways to Eliminate Toxic Lifestyle

  1. Sit or lie in a corner. Find an area where you can be comfortable enough to stay for an hour or more, where no one could disturb your peace. Playing relaxing music is a plus.
  2. Rest your eyes. Do not just close your eyes. You must clear up your mind and allow it to rest for the time being.
  3. Breathe naturally. Do not control your breathing. Inhale and exhale like how it normally functions.
  4. Focus your attention on yourself. Feel your mind, heart, body, and soul. Observe yourself and reflect. If your mind wanders around, lead it back to your focus by breathing deep.

When talking about meditation, we think of finding peace in nature, solitude, and yoga exercise. However, there are more ways to mediate aside from the traditional methods we know of. This is essential because the traditional meditation does not work to everyone. Nonetheless, we could site activities to cope with stress.

1. Doing the Household Chores

With a good choice of music, while doing the chores, it helps your mind to forget about your current problems. And instead of worrying about things, you began to enjoy cleaning. And then you will realize that those tensional screams in the back of your head, or the high pressure of anger inside, are slowly losing its way to disturb you.

2. Dance to the Beat or Sing-a-long

When you’re in despair, feeling low, or thinking about all those kind of paranoid situations, you may turn the volume on and go with the enticing sound. Dance those problems out. Sing your worries out loud. By that, you are ultimately releasing the negativity.

You may also just turn classical or instrumental music on and just lie down and listen to it.

3. Taking a Bath

Soaking in the shower room with a power shower to adjust the temperature will help you calm the waves inside you. As recommended, it is best taking a cold shower as some research shows that it is beneficial to health. Also, a 30-mins or an hour drench in a bathtub, in a pool, or on a beach is quite fulfilling.

4. Walking Around

Go out in your room and move around the house or in your garden, or maybe outside. A morning and afternoon walk is kind of mind-relaxing. You may also carry your pet with you, to help you get through a nice breeze and calming surroundings.

5. Play with Your Pet or Take Care of an Infant

A pet or a baby is like an anti-aging ingredient. Playing with them can remove your weighing wrinkles, transform your frowning into joy, and all. The babies’ soft skin, their cutie face, enchanting smile or laughter, are best enough to make you dwell into it and automatically lighten up your day. So as to how your pet stretches your smile to ears.

6. Reading a Book

Take a book with you and read it. Reading is always as good as it is. And it helps your mind to think deeply and reflect on things. Of course, mind what you read. Choose a reading that will help you calm the tension inside you. Because if you just simply read, anything you want to read, it might only lead you into an even more troubling feeling. So read what is most likely to help you overcome your uneasiness.

7. Treats

To a movie marathon, endless eating, or buying what you love. Prepare something for yourself sometime. Go enjoy and chill alone.

When things get rough, the best thing to do is to love yourself more. Don’t be too hard enough. You deserve to embrace a beautiful life.

8. Talking to a Friend Personally

Having good friends to bond with is great. You can binge-watching with them, throw jokes, play games or sports, go skateboarding or fishing, eat your favorite foods, or just merely conversing. Cherish your time with them and those bottled emotions will slowly be poured out.

9. Play Games/Sports

Playing games or a sport is like exercising – it burns toxicity out. It is kind of physically tiring, but eventually, you will find yourself happy again.

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10. Home Workout

Keep your body strong. Make it your daily routine to exercise or at least do some stretching. It is for your own good and you will be grateful that you did.

11. Learning is Healing

Find a new thing to do. Learn a new hobby that will help you build yourself back, such as sewing, planting, cooking, and the like. Not only that it helps you reduce stress but also give room to shape you and enhance your learning.

But if scrolling on social media sites, watching videos or doing a vlog, or playing online games are your hobbies, as long as it helps you grow, do it.

12. Rest is another Form of Discipline

If it is way too heavy, lead yourself to rest. It will not absolutely make you okay but at least it relaxes your body. A relaxed body will give you a clear and better thinking. Know that you are free to walk away or isolate yourself from it when it’s killing you. It is okay to stop for a while than lose yourself in big trouble.

What are the benefits of meditation and eliminating stress?

Relaxation, even if not the goal of meditation and stress-free activities, is often a result of it. It should be part of your everyday life, or at least thrice a week or as much as needed. Here are some of the short-term benefits:

  • Lower your blood pressure and improve its circulation
  • Lower your heart rate
  • Less perspiration
  • Slower respiratory rate
  • Less stress
  • Less anxiety
  • Deeper relaxation and more feelings of your well-being

The Bottom Line

Your brain dwells in the past or stressing about the future or how it will lead you but meditation could bring your attention to what matters now. It is the exit way of all your worries, anxieties, stress, and uncertainties.

Well, you have your unique way of dealing it though. No matter what, your life and happiness will depend on what you do. Nobody else is in charge of you. Everybody will eventually fail or disappoint you, and will not be able to do what makes you feel good. But you will always have yourself.

Doing what is best for you with all-out love and discipline will highly result in a healthy mentality and well-being.

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