10 Ways to Live a More Active Lifestyle in 2021

As the weather gets warmer, you’ve probably started to itch to get outside and get active. Or, maybe you’re interested in getting active but you’ve got no idea where to start. Either way, here are some ways to live a more active lifestyle this year!

Ways to Live a More Active Lifestyle

Ways to Live a More Active Lifestyle

⦁ Adopt a dog

Probably one of the best things you can do to live a more active lifestyle this year is to adopt a dog. Not only will you have to walk it multiple times a day (especially if you don’t have a fenced-in yard for it to run around in), but you’ll also have to play with it throughout the day! You won’t realize how much more active you’ll be until after the first few weeks you adopt your pupper. Don’t forget to give them a silicone pet tag that will stay silent as they jog outside with you!

⦁ Plant a garden

There’s a lot of evidence that shows gardening is good for you so get out there and start planting! The physical activity it takes to plant flowers and vegetables, water them and dig out weeds will have you feeling like you just ran a mile. It’s one of those activities that you see something come from it, though! You’ll get to use the fruits and veggies you plant in your everyday cooking, which can also contribute to leading a healthier lifestyle.

⦁ Go for a walk

Walking is one of the easiest things you can do if you want to be more active. You could take a brisk walk around your neighborhood when you first get up, or you could walk the parking lot at your office during your lunch break. Some other simple ways to get your steps in are parking at the end of a parking lot or the top of a parking deck, choosing to walk the grocery store for your items instead of doing pickup or visiting a nature park! These simple choices can really make a difference in the long run for living a more active lifestyle.

⦁ Adjust your mindset

Don’t think about what you can’t do or haven’t been doing. Instead, think about what you will do. Changing your perspective on activities and how you fit into them will ensure you can fulfill any active goals you have. You can easily start practicing this by considering yourself an active person, not just someone who does a variety of activities.

⦁ Create a schedule

Your schedule will affect your activity. Try to create consistency with your activities – the same day, the same time. Of course, you’ll need to evaluate your daily lifestyle in order to do this. If you work a rotating schedule, or you have a different schedule every day, it might be difficult to really create a routine. Taking the time to plan things out week by week is a great way to circumvent the block that can happen if this is the case for you. Your schedule doesn’t have to be for a month. Even if you only know your schedule for the next two days, using it to plan out what you’re going to do will ensure that you can achieve your active goals.

⦁ Take the stairs

Start taking the stairs instead of the elevator. You might have some medical conditions that prevent you from doing this, but when you feel up to it or when you’ve been cleared by your doctors, taking the stairs is always the best option. If you don’t think you can handle taking the stairs in a building, a stair-stepper at the gym is a great alternative. You can also get a small step-stool to repeat stepping up and down from, especially if you’re doing home workouts.

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⦁ Invest in the proper materials

You can’t live an active lifestyle if you don’t have the proper equipment. While there are lots of ways you can use gallon water jugs, soup cans, and lots of other items around your home, there are just some things that you can’t replace or find an alternative for, such as a yoga mat or insulated water bottle. Another thing you’ll want to be cautious of here is your jewelry. Sweat can leave harmful bacteria on your metal jewelry, so not wearing it or investing in sweat-resistant pieces is a must. Be sure to invest in engagement rings for active lifestyles if you’re someone who consistently works out and doesn’t want to give up wearing your ring during your workout.

⦁ Get your friends and family involved

You do better when you have people holding you accountable and motivated. Your friends and family can do just that! If you don’t live close to any of them, check and see if your neighborhood has a fitness group or a walking group that you can join. If you still feel support is lacking, consider joining a gym, where you can take fitness classes and meet your goals with others around you. You’ll find that having people in your corner to cheer you on will not only make it worth it, but I’ll keep you motivated to continue crushing your goals.

⦁ Start small

Your active lifestyle doesn’t have to start with participating in a triathlon. Starting small is a great way to build your habits up and ease yourself into the routine of an active lifestyle. Drinking the proper amount of water each day, getting up at the same time or walking for five minutes around the block are all simple yet effective ways to start small on your active journey.

⦁ Eat healthier

Eating healthier is one of the many ways you can live a more active lifestyle. Eating foods that are nutritious and give you lots of energy will ensure that you can stay active through your workouts and any other activities you choose to do. Eliminate sodas and other sugary drinks, cut back on the creamer in your coffee and opt for whole grains instead of full carbs. Going vegetarian or vegan is also a great way to do this!

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