5 Ways To Look Fashionable While Wearing A Mask!

The Face mask has become an integral part of your outfit. Apart from being safety essential, it is now designed to make a fashion statement. We have to be responsible citizens; protect ourselves and others from the spread of the virus. However, there are methods you can pull off your face mask with style.

Five ways to look fashionable while wearing a mask

5 Ways To Look Fashionable While Wearing A Mask!

1. Make the Eye Iconic

Since the masks cover the lower portion of the face, the eyes get most of the attention. Thus, you can experiment with this feature of your face. Eyes express emotions, as well. You may jump out of your comfort zone and bestow them a bold or brightening look. Smokey eyes with winged eyeliner could accentuate the dramatic look. So for an eye-catching look go with Bold lashes and striking eye shadow. Conceal the fine lines, bags and wrinkles under the eyes with an eye mask, serum, BB cream, concealers or a subtle tone corrector.

2. Experiment with Hairstyles

Bring your hair to the focus with an attractive hairstyle. Convince the crowd that the mask is just another accessory. You may opt for fashionable braids or cute updos. Curling them to give a bouncy look is another alternative. Straighten the hair, give it an alluring haircut or tint to put your hair in the limelight.

3. Get Creative With Masks

Although the primary function of a mask is protection, you can use them as fashion statements. You can procure brightly coloured printed masks to go with printed outfits. A subtle pattern will surely bring out elegance. Floral prints of all shapes and sizes would reckon a beautiful look. One may settle on the single colour theme to suit the monochrome outfits. You can add a bit of creativity by printing something on your mask; could be an inspirational quote or emoticon or any graffiti design of your preference.

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4. Accessorize Well

Accessorize the outfit with chic jewellery. Dangling earrings or hoops complement most of the outfits. Since you can no longer adopt the bold lip look, you can go daring on those earrings. You can get statement necklaces or bracelets to compliment the apparel. Don’t forget the hair accessories too. Hairbands, fancy clip-ons, floral scrunchies may all come together to give you a stylish look. Also, some quirky bags and shoes may add up to the whole look.

5. Keep the Brow Game on Point

Eyebrows are the frame of the face. Subtly enhance your eyebrow shape with eyebrow pencil and powders.

Groomed brows complete the look. The brow gel can add extra volume and boldness to them. Make a statement with the brow game that will help in highlighting your forehead area.


These are some tips to look fashionable while wearing a mask. It is a safety gear that you must not forget. However, with some fashion tips, you can add glamour to your look along with wearing a mask.

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