7 Creative Ways to Make your Outfits look Instantly Cooler

For many, fashion is a way of communicating their message, personality, and making a statement. Your clothes can reflect your level of engagement with a particular occasion or group of people. But one thing is for sure, no matter if you are dressing up for yourself or people, no one likes a dull, boring outfit. 

It is beneficial to have a sense of style that can make you look attractive, strong, and confident. So, if you’ve been lacking in this department and want to look fabulous without spending tons on a new wardrobe, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Take your fashion sense to the next level and enjoy an instant upgrade to your casual outfits with the following creative ways.

Ways to Make your Outfits look Instantly Cooler

7 Creative Ways to Make your Outfits look Instantly Cooler

1. Belt your layers: 

Layering is a great way to be fashionable, but if you want to up it, get creative with belting. Sometimes wearing too many layers can make you look bulky and hide your fabulous curves. An easy way to instantly make your layers look fantastic is to belt them down. 

Putting an embellished, colorful, or narrow belt over your layers will show your curves and fantastic waist. A belt can tie the entire look together and work with almost any outfit, from jumpsuits to flirty dresses. Ensure to choose a waistband or a belt that flatters your waist and has the correct width according to your body type.

2. Elevate your look with a blazer or jacket:

Putting on just a jacket is an oversimplification of outdoor fashion because if you want to be in style, you must up your game. Make your outfit look chic by wearing a jacket with chenille letter jacket patches over a bralette or draping a blazer over your shoulder. 

Blazers are hot this season as either hanging off on one side or simply present as a cape on your back. It is a perfect way to achieve an avant-garde look and bringing a spark to your boring outfit. 

So, go for a blazer or jacket that’s oversized and voluminous, is mid-length, or just below the hip. And don’t forget to play with patterns such as checkered, plaid, floral, and stripes.

3. Add a knot on oversized tees:

Remember how insanely gorgeous Megan fox looked in the knotted white button-down shirt in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Oh God, that’s hot! Knotting up that plain white button-down shirt that you’ve worn a hundred times adds a sexy element to the entire look.

So, how do you achieve this look? Throw in a midi skirt, denim shorts, or a plaid mini skirt with a denim jacket with your knotted shirt, and you are good to go. The trick is to tie the shirt tails into a knot – just the bottom three buttons. 

You can tie a knot on almost any shirt significantly oversized shirts, which can help you flaunt your waist. A few other creative ways to rock a knot is to pair it with high-waisted shorts or jeans if you are knotting a tank top or t-shirt. You can even go for a loose side knot and expose a bit of your midriff.

4. Throw in a neck scarf: 

There is no look a beautiful scarf can’t fix. Neck scarves are those chic accessories that make your outfit look extremely elegant and powerful. Instead of loosely throwing in a scarf, we recommend giving the choker effect by wrapping a colorful patterned scarf around your neck. 

Silk scarves should be your go-to accessory if you want to take your outfit up a notch. You can wear a scarf fabulously in many creative ways, such as folding it in half, tying it, and either leaving the pointed side in front or behind your neck. 

You can go for different shapes and sizes, such as a bandana, long scarves, and even rectangle-shaped ones with unique patterns, designs, and colors.

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5. Cuff your jeans instead of cutting:

Mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, and bootcut jeans are trendy these days because of the level of comfort and daringness it represents. However, sometimes a well-fitted pair of jeans can be too long, and you are tempted to cut for that ideal length. 

Well, if you want that dull old look, then go ahead but if you want an instantly cool look, cuff them up. The great thing about cuffing your jeans is that it lets you focus on your footwear and related accessories. Instead of wasting time with alterations and exchanging, make two- and half-inch wide rolls, put on some sneakers or flats, and conquer the world.

6. Add statement accessory or jewelry: 

Walking out in a dashing sundress without hoops, a belt, or a ring is a fashion crime. You absolutely cannot expect an outfit to look fabulous without wearing the right jewelry or accessories. You don’t have to overdo it, but you must add either statement or casual jewelry to your everyday outfits to add style and coolness. 

You can go for staple pieces such as stacked rings, chunky bracelets, pendants, and dangly earrings. However, if you want to elevate a formal or professional look, then go for statement jewelry such as a matching set, layered necklaces or bracelets, chunky studs, wedding bands, and more. 

7. Cinch a shapeless dress:

What’s the use of wearing a new dress when it does nothing to flatter your unique body and its curves? Stop wearing dresses that are baggy and shapeless if you want to break the cycle of dull looks. Simple solution? Cinch the dress! You don’t have to go that extra mile to replace shapeless dresses, but add a touch of creativity, gather up that extra fabric, and knot them in the middle. 

Transform your boxy shapeless outfits into figure-flattering clothing by simply turning the dress inside out, gathering a two-inch section in the middle, twisting the extra fabric, and tying it into a knot. 


Fashion isn’t about wearing high-end clothing and always going out as if you are walking into a movie premiere. Wearing stylish outfits every day has more to do with making all the elements work together than the clothing itself. 

That is why if all this time you have been failing at making your outfits look effortlessly cool, then you have to try the above tips to bring back the wow factor. These creative ways of upping your outfits a notch are effortless and affordable, while most of these things are readily present in your wardrobe. So, get creative with your sense of style and wear everything with confidence!

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