Top 4 Ways to Style Men’s Flannel Shirts

After the rise of grunge music and the Seattle alternative rock scene, the flannel shirt blew up in popularity in the early nineties. Since then, it has never really gone out of style. Even as fashion trends come and go, the flannel shirt has remained a fashionable and incredibly versatile look. Its versatility both in color schemes and styles is the main draw of the flannel shirt, as it can be used as a jacket replacement, for smart casual attire, to enhance a plain hoodie, and much more. This article will examine four ways to style men’s flannel shirts.

If you have a flannel shirt sitting unused in your closet, maybe this article will give you the inspiration to take out and try something new. Or perhaps it will encourage you to buy some flannel shirts. Either way, by the end, you’ll agree flannel shirts are fantastic.

Men's Flannel Shirts

1. Wear it buttoned up for a smart casual look

When most people think of flannel shirts, they imagine them unbuttoned, flowing in the breeze. However, flannels can be a great alternative to dress shirts if you want a smart-casual look. Now they’ll never replace suits if you’re going for an interview or a formal party, but if you’re going to look professional but still dress casually, they can be a great option.

It’s essential to choose appropriate accessories and garments to achieve this look. Dress shoes, nice chinos, a stylish watch, and maybe a jacket over the flannel can finalize the smart casual look. The flannel shirt can offer a different texture and color variety than you would typically get with a dress shirt making you stand out from the crowd.

2. Unbutton it with a variety of T-shirts underneath

The classic look is an unbuttoned flannel with a plain white t-shirt underneath. And for a good reason, it looks great. However, flannels are so versatile they can work with any combination of t-shirts. Do you have t-shirts in the back of your closet you never wear, maybe because the graphics or color scheme don’t match your wardrobe? Try wearing them with flannel on top. You’ll be surprised at the combinations you can come up with.

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3. Wear them with jeans

Blue and black jeans match with just about anything. They are the go pants for flannel shirts because it allows people to experiment with a wide assortment of flannel colors and styles.

4. Wear them over a hoodie

An oversized flannel doesn’t have to be ignored and left in the closet. It can be used to spice up plain hoodies. The puffy nature of the hoodie will make that oversized flannel feel snug, and the flannel can help add some flavor to a boring hoodie.

Flannels Can Help Spice Up Your Closet

Nowadays, fashion trends appear and disappear in a blink of an eye, but flannels will be around forever. Hopefully, you better appreciate the style options available with a flannel shirt. Don’t stop with these four styles, however. Flannels offer so much flexibility regarding accessories and fashions that we encourage you to experiment.

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