How to Choose a Wedding Dress Style That Matches Your Figure

Planning the perfect wedding is usually a very hectic process involving a lot of activities. You have to book the perfect venue, create and confirm the guest list and hire caterers to mention but a few. One of the most important of these preparations is ensuring both the bride and groom are well dressed for the occasion.

This involves choosing a wedding dress that works best for the bride, articulating her curves and features to sweep the groom and the crowd off their feet, while at the same time comfortable to move around and even dance in. To choose the perfect wedding dress, the bride has to first know which styles will go best with her figure.

Different Wedding Dress Styles for Different Body Figures

How to Choose a Wedding Dress Style That Matches Your Figure

Every bride deserves to feel special on her wedding day and finding the perfect dress suited for her body shape – whether hourglass or petite, pear-shaped or athletic – is among the first steps to ensuring that.

Luckily for any bride, we have combined a list of the best wedding dress styles that will be perfect for each body figure. However, it Is important to remember that not all brides will fit squarely into one category so be open to combining tips from each style when looking for the best wedding dress suited for you.

To get started, here are different body figures and the wedding dress styles that are suitable for them:

Pear Body Shape

A female who has a pear body shape has hips that are wider than her bust making the lower body proportionally larger than her upper body. Her neck is usually feminine and sexy while her shoulders carry a narrow dainty figure.

When choosing the most suitable wedding dress, the bride should aim for one that will enunciate their small waist and bring more attention to their curves and their narrow, dainty shoulders. Wedding dresses with shoulder detail, or cap sleeves will therefore be perfect for putting more focus on their sexy shoulders and feminine necks.

Also perfect for the pear body shape is the Fishtail Wedding Dress which will flatter their small waists and hug their wide hips to create a stunning silhouette.

The bride should however avoid loosely fitted dresses that won’t do much to show their figures, and Empire Line Wedding Dresses that will exaggerate their appearance.

Hourglass Body Shape

A bride with an hourglass body shape has a curvaceous body structure due to the nicely defined waistline just like the one with a pear body shape. However, unlike the pear body shape, a bride with an hourglass body shape has a bigger bust and her upper body and her lower body are perfectly balanced making her very curvy.

Wedding dresses most suitable for brides with an hourglass body shape are ones that will fit their waist perfectly bringing out their curvaceous figure. Dresses with a sweetheart neckline or corset backs are also preferred as they will complement their feminine shape.

The best wedding dress styles for this shape are: A-Line dresses with a dropped hem to balance out the hips and shoulders, the fit and flare dresses that hug the body in all the right places, and the strapless dresses or dresses with spaghetti straps which will make the shoulders appear sexier.

One wedding dress style that a bride with an hourglass body shape should avoid is the Empire Line Dresses. Because of their structure, these dresses will make the bride appear to have more weight hence making their perfect figure unflattering.

Straight Body Shape

A sporty or straight body shape is one where the bride has a less defined waist, perfectly balanced hips and bust and tends to be less curvy.

Because a bride with a straight body shape has fewer curves, when picking out a wedding dress, she should aim for ones that will enunciate her waist and make her appear more curvaceous than she actually is.

The perfect choices for wedding dresses will therefore be one with full skirts like bowl gown wedding dresses that will add a feminine shape, Embellished wedding dresses with V or U necklines or a stylish bridal suit.

The bride should however avoid strapless wedding dresses especially if they have a bony collarbone.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

With an Inverted Triangle Body Shape, the bride has broad shoulders, a slim waist and narrow hips making her upper body appear larger than the lower one.

Making the shoulders less noticeable and balancing out the bride’s shape should therefore be the number one priority when looking for a wedding dress for a bride with this type of body shape.

V-neck wedding dresses, dresses with thick straps and heavily patterned or detailed wedding dresses are recommended for this body type as they will balance out her shape and make the audience concentrate on the details rather than her figure.

The bride with this shape should steer clear off wedding dresses with a halter-neck or off-shoulder dresses. These dresses will only bring more attention to their broad shoulders and make her figure appear unflattering.

Oval Body Shape

Females with an oval or apple body shape have narrow hips, slender legs and arms, a large bust and a fuller midsection wider than their hips and bust.

Drawing less attention to the fuller midsection should be a priority when picking out a wedding dress for a bride with this body shape. It goes without saying that the perfect wedding dresses for this bride will therefore be ones with lower necklines and a lot of upper body detail.

Also preferred for this body shape are the empire-line dress that will define the waistline, a ball gown that will make the bride more flattering and wedding dresses with patterns traveling down in vertical lines to make her even more stunning..

Wedding dress styles to avoid for this body shape include dresses with high necklines as they will give the bride’s body no definition, dresses with a sheath as they will make her appear heavier than she is and Princess-line dresses which will draw attention to the wide midsection.

Small-busted Body Shape

As the name suggests, females with a small-busted body shape tend to have small boobs and have a generally smaller upper body.

As much as brides with a small-busted body shape have a lot of style to pick from when it comes to their wedding dresses, they should aim for dresses with a lot of detail and style in the top half in order to draw less attention to their small upper body.

However, this does not mean that a dress with details on the upper body will be unflattering to bride with this body shape. In fact, it might just be better. A backless dress or a dress with a plunging V-neck that only a small-chested bride can rock will look even extra spectacular.

The bride should steer clear off dress with sweetheart necklines especially if are strapless since they are less flattering to her small bust and upper body.

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Busty Body Shape

Unlike a small-busted body shape, a female with a busty body shape has large boobs and a bigger upper body.

For this reason, it is usually hard for brides with this body shape to find the wedding dress that will make them look gorgeous while at the same time, support the weight of their upper body.

A bride with a busty body shape should therefore avoid strapless dresses, backless wedding dresses and low -neckline wedding dresses as they offer the least support to large busts hence will leave them feeling uncomfortable.

For a busty bride, the perfect choices for wedding dresses are the ones with high necklines and which are very fitted on the bust to make them feel comfortable under their own skin. And to make them even more stunning, brides with a busty body shape should consider illusion neckline dresses that will make the bride look more stylish and mermaid wedding dresses which hugs the body creating a curvy silhouette.

Petite Body Shape

If a bride’s height is 5’1’’ and below, then have a petite body shape.

What a petite bride needs is a wedding dress that will not make her disappear into the background, and ballgowns, mermaid dresses or princess-style dresses will do exactly that by appearing as if they are wearing the bride instead of the other way round.

The perfect choices for a petite bride is therefore a simple dress like a dress with clean, unbroken contours that will elongate their figure. Also perfect for them are narrow A-line dresses and Tea-length dresses.

Tall and Slender

A tall bride is one who looks like a catwalk model and who generally towers over her friends and family.

The best wedding dress for a tall bride is a dress that is not too flashy and one that flatters their height and makes them appear elegant and spectacular. Ball gowns with low waists are therefore perfect for this type of bride together with dresses with a stunning slit on the skirt to show their sexy long legs.

A wedding dress style to avoid for a tall and slender bride is the Empire Line Wedding dress which might leave the bride looking like a tent-like tall frame.

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