What Your Underwear Says About You and Your Personality

What does your panty say? Well, for starters if you are wearing the right size panty with no panty lines visible, it speaks highly about how much you love your butt. We know people pick up their clothes based on their color preferences and the same rule applies to women panties as well. But what most women do not realize is that their panty choices are also affected by their personality. Ladies underwear gives you a peek into a woman’s personality while it covers her butt. Just like one size does not fit all in the case of a women’s underwear, not every style is every woman. Read on to find what secrets does your panty style spill about you.


You are confident and you know how to carry clothes that take you out of your comfort zone. A girl who is proud of her assets and her curves, you know how to slay the beach look with élan. You know how much is too much and you know what to show and what to hide.


You are sexy and you don’t shy away from being the leader of the pack. Your fearlessness might motivate some but it may also intimidate others. A risk-taker is what your friends might be calling you for you love trying new stuff and you do it with full confidence. You love being the center of attention of your group and you get it too because of your vivacious nature.


Bikini is the most popular one out of them all. Someone who can be sexy one minute and a daredevil in the next, you are always up for an adventure. Where you have a playful side you also have a serious and practical facet to your personality.


What Your Underwear Says About You
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A laid back girl who doesn’t make her decisions based on what the world might think, you love yourself and give value to your comfort.  Boyshorts or boxers are favored by women who have an athletic bent and are always game for a game. Confident, easy-going and relaxed; that’s the kind of girl you are if you love boyshorts.


Contrary to the popular myth, a brief girl is by no means boring. She is in fact, one of the most practical gals you will ever meet. She likes to stick with tried and tested and is wary of trying new things easily. Look at it from another angle and she is fiercely loyal to her choice, be it ladies underwear or even people when it comes to life.

High waist panties:

You know the problem area and you are strong enough not just to admit it but to tackle it too. Very few women can do that girl and you are doing in a chic way.


Everything about you says glamorous, sensual, delicate, feminine and classy. You have a heart as soft as lace even if you keep it protected under a tough exterior. Women who love lace have a good taste and are always dressed elegantly. Not everyone can wear lace and be comfortable in it but if you love lace? Way to go, girl, for we love your sass!

Animal Print:

Don’t we all have a little bit of the wild in us, some more than others maybe? And for those with this extra wild side, there is the animal print. You like to keep things a little crazy when you are with your partner who loves your wild side too. The fearless tigress that you are, you exude a vibe that instantly attracts people to you.

Now that you know what your personality traits are, isn’t it time to go shopping for your favorite pair of women panties?

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