7 Winter Fashion tips for Women

The world of fashion continues to explode outward, and new niches pop up every day. While it was once the case that fashion was kind of elitist and reserved for a privileged few, the world is different now. Of course, that particular niche of fashion still exists. Recently they’ve designed inflatable dresses.

But, now, this area of the fashion landscape is just that; an area. Popular clothing is an entirely different genre, and even designer clothing does not have the same presence as it did in the past. Truly, it is a world of great opportunity for designers and wearers alike.

However, when it comes to dressing for the season, there are a few mainstays that still hold true. When it comes to buying boutique clothing online or in-person, consider these seven tips.

Great Tips for Winter Outfits

7 Winter Fashion tips for Women

1. Dress in Layers

For all Canadians, this advice is older than time itself. However, we still find new ways to spruce it up. For example, by putting thinner, more insular layers closer to the body, and thicker, wind-resistant layers on the outside. Or by tucking our pants and sleeves into our boots and gloves, respectively.

2. Wear Thicker Fabric

Winter fashion has a lot of options for high-quality fabrics. Wool comes in many different forms, from merino and alpaca to sheep and knitwear. But, they are all delightful when it comes to keeping warm and looking fresh in the colder months.

3. Combine Outfits for Cozy Results

Along the same lines as dressing in layers, you can also combine outfits. No. We aren’t talking about wearing two hats; though a hat/ hood combo never goes out of style. Instead, it is better to buy boutique clothing online that lets you combine summer fashions with winter protection. In this way, you can still look super fly while keeping warm.

4. Use Boots to Great Effect

Boots should be the highlight of every winter outfit. Not only can they create a striking contrast with the rest of your outfit, but they are also capable of keeping your feet warm. Calf or knee-high boots are both great options and don’t forget to turn to boutique clothing online if you are coming up short with local suppliers.

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5. Don’t Fear Hats

That’s right. It is a tip that gets a lot of clapback in certain circles, but there is no reason to fear hats. These head accessories can be stylish, hide bad hair days, distract from lacklustre outfits and also keep you warm! They are a universal piece of clothing that has many distinct possibilities.

6. Scarves, Belts and Mitts Are Your Friends

We all love talking about accessories, and winter accessories are no different. A stylish scarf feels great and can act as a centrepiece for your outfit. A big belt can make your winter coat an entirely new outfit. Mittens or gloves are a great way to keep winter’s cool grip at bay. Truly, there is a winter accessory that works for everyone.

7. Light, Muted Colours Make a Big Difference

Our final tip looks at what styles and colours to wear during winter. Typically, you want to use bright and bold colours as accents to a more muted outfit. The bright red scarf should be tucked into the pale pink jacket, for instance. Light colours help people blend into the environment better, and there is nothing better for urban fashion.

Now that you have these seven tips under your belt, it is time to get started with your new winter outfit! Happy shopping!

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