How to Keep Your Apartment in Atlanta Warm in Winter?

In winter, the homeowners, apartment dwellers, and renters become desperate to keep their houses or apartments warm. Using a heater or other electrical appliances that help you to keep the atmosphere of your house warm could be a great option. Unfortunately, such heating appliances can raise one’s utility bills which are stressful especially for people who are living in Atlanta apartments for rent. But not to worry, as there are still other cheap and creative ideas that help to keep your apartments cozy. Some of them are listed below:

Winter Home Tips

How to Keep Your Apartment in Atlanta Warm in Winter?

By using the sun

Sunlight is a free and natural source of heat. It is a valuable source of warmth and can be used for your living space during winter for a short time. Wherever the sunlight is seeking through your window or doors and striking into the floors, walls, and furniture, it’s generating a warmth that radiates through your living space. So, open those doors or windows whenever you see sunlight even if it’s for a short time. Besides, investing in rubber- backed curtains lets you maintain a stable temperature in your apartment or home. As the sun starts to set, close all the windows and curtains to trap the heat inside.

By installing a humidifier

A humidifier is an electrical appliance that increases humidity in a place. It specifically lets the moisture in the air to radiate warmth and provides an upper hand for heating your large room. These are low-cost remedies that make the air feel warmer and excludes all the effects of the dry environment.

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Smart, inexpensive solutions

If you don’t want any expenditure on any electrical device, then options like hanging your clothes to dry inside the house or apartment is a great idea. This increases the moisture around your house. Also, if you have any radiator with you as a heat source – then put a pot of water over it so that it dispenses steam into the air warming up your apartment. Try not to block any heat sources like a vent or baseboard heaters with furniture or layouts.

Add creativity 

There are plenty of useful and clever hacks that distribute the warmth in your apartment during this wintertime. For instance, turn down your thermostat by about 10° at night and instead sleep with a hot water bottle. You could seal the heat-loss gaps with duct tape. You can also place a tin foil over the radiation as it reflects heat within the place.


Winter can be arduous in many places around the world. You may be highly strung by the increased electric bills that come alongside the need for heat. As you can see, the most effective ways of warming up your home are the simplest. Unless you’re living in a sunny place like California, having heat in your apartments is important to get through this tough winter. There could be several different things creating this cold in your apartment. So, you may need to use these handy tricks and get creative with methods to keep your home warm in winter.

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