How to Tell if Your Women’s Hair Topper is Good Quality

When buying hair toppers for women, you may be tempted to go with the cheapest option available. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to keep some extra change in their wallet, right? But it can be hard to get high-quality hair pieces for women when only looking at the price tag. While it is absolutely possible to get good quality at a good price, there are certain things you need to look out for in order to ensure the money you are paying is not going towards a sub-par product. Here are some easy telltale signs to look out for that can help you determine if your women’s hair toppers are high quality.

How to Tell if Your Women’s Hair Topper is Good Quality

How to tell if your women’s hair topper is good quality

Quality of the hair

One easy way to tell if your hair toppers for women are good quality is to check the quality of the hair itself. The best quality hair pieces for women will use human hair instead of synthetic hair. This will make them look more natural and feel far softer. Human hair will also allow for easier styling than synthetic hair. If the hair is remy human hair, then you know that it is being made with high-quality human hair. Chinese hair is also considered a premium quality of hair due to its strength and natural softness. At Superhairpieces, all women’s hairpieces are made with either Indian Remy hair or premium Chinese hair, so you know they are high quality.

The construction of the base

Another important factor to consider when determining the quality of your women’s hair toppers is to look at the construction of the base. There are many different materials that women’s hairpieces may be made out of, but no matter which one you choose, it should always be put together well. This means that the materials used should be of good quality – lace and monofilament should not be fraying or have holes in it, silk should be soft and smooth, poly material should be the correct thickness that it was advertised as and not have hair stuck within it. The different components of the base should also be skillfully put together so as to appear like one cohesive piece, and not cobbled together.

The knotting

There are several methods for attaching hair strands to the bases of hair pieces for women. The most common methods involve knotting, which is the process of knotting the individual strands into the base of the women’s hair toppers. This technique requires a high level of skill and precision in order to make the knots as small and unnoticeable as possible. A high-quality topper will have knots that are barely detectable to the eye. Another method of putting hair in the hair topper base is injecting it. This is most often done on silk bases, and since there are no knots at all, the hair looks like it is naturally growing from the scalp, making it a very high-quality method of attachment.

The color

The final way to judge if your hair toppers for women are high quality, that will be discussed today is by examining the hair coloring of the piece. Most hair pieces for women are dyed and processed at the factory to get it to be the color that is eventually sold, as most donor hair does not come in a wide range of colors. A high-quality topper will have hair that is the correct color you ordered, while also appearing natural and healthy. It will have consistent and beautiful hair coloring that has not damaged the hair itself, and may even include the options of highlights, low lights, or balayage colorings. Low-quality hair coloring will fade exceptionally quickly, will not look even and consistent, may not appear as the color you ordered, and will look flat and lifeless.

When buying hair pieces for women, it is important to purchase one with a quality you are comfortable with. This does not have to mean paying an exorbitant price, but does mean there are some key things you should look out for to ensure the quality is up to your standards. Checking the hair quality, construction of the base, the knotting technique, and the color of the hair can all be good indicators of the quality of your hair piece. To get high-quality hair toppers for women with no stress, check out the large selection at Superhairpieces, where you are sure to be happy with your purchase.

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