Top 5 Wristwatches that Every Style Icon Owns

Time waits for no one, even when you wear it on your hand. An iconic timepiece, however, can stop anyone right in their tracks. Be it the look, build, stunning design, expert craftsmanship or the technology involved in making it – your Wristwatch tells the world who you are. You may be out looking for an essential timepiece, or planning to buy something that accentuates your personality. Being a highly personal and intimate item, it isn’t easy to shortlist a list of the best models ever created. Each person has their style preferences and requirements, and what it speaks about his personality on different occasions. Therefore, it is important for anyone to choose the right watch that may look like just another accessory, but in reality, it feels like a lot more, both to the wearer and the observer.

Before you buy that luxury item you consider the best, do have a look at these five wristwatches that every style icon essentially has in their collection. These classic and elegant watches are sure to complete any look with perfect style.

Top 5 Wristwatches that Every Style Icon Owns

Dress Watches

Introduced during the earlier 20th century, the dress watch, as the name suggests, is an accessory that perfectly complements a man wearing formal attire. The trend was started back in the day by well-to-do gentlemen who wanted their timepiece on the wrist. And the beauty of a dress watch is that it can easily slip under even the fittest shirt cuffs, making you comfortable, yet look fashionable amongst the peers. It’s a piece that subtly draws attention to itself while complementing your get-up. The only offside to donning on a dress watch is that it may not show time as accurately as your phone, but with the gadget always in your pocket, that too won’t be an issue any more. You can shop for the best dress watches at leading fashion outlets and online stores.

Field Watches

If your job requires you to stay out-of-office all day, or you are a professional in the mechanical field, then a field watch is just what you need. Made for the ‘tough guy,’ these watches emanate a rugged look with tough exteriors and a mechanism that can’t break easily. You would find its traditional version in a stainless steel case, but modern watchmakers prefer to use a PVD coating or Titanium construction that is much more durable and sturdier. The dial will always be black with white numbering to make it easily readable even in low-light conditions. Most field watch straps are made of leather or canvas since they are less expensive and can be easily swapped in case of damages. Metal bracelets may look more elegant, yet in a rough environment, they are more prone to scratches, making replacement a costly affair, and hence are rarely preferred.

Top 5 Wristwatches that Every Style Icon Owns

Diving Watches

As the name suggests, diving watches are meant for gentlemen that are in the navy or any other profession associated with going hundreds of feet underwater. These must be absolutely precise, water-resistant, and with a high durability factor. It is one of the most prolific men’s watch styles ideal for accurate timekeeping while carrying a finite air supply. The essential qualities you’ll find in a good Diving wristwatch are corrosion resistant silicon, or rubber watch band hardened mineral glass watch crystal, titanium casing with a water-resistant coating, and a longer band to fit the bulky diving equipment. Even if you are not diving, but are constantly on the run, forgetting about your watch when going for a shower, a diving watch can prove to be quite a useful accessory for you.

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Digital Watches

All the above were different variants of analog watches. But with the world going forward with everything high-end technology-oriented, your watch collection is incomplete without a Digital Watch. Whether it is a simple one with the basic functionality of showing you time and setting the alarm or a smartwatch that easily connects to your phone and lets you perform multiple functions with the flick of your wrist, it is an essential accessory you can’t miss today. In fact, the tech-savvy are now opting for smartwatches with embedded fitness trackers to stay healthy while being productive. After all, being ‘smart’ is all about multitasking with great efficiency.

Luxury Watches

While women wear diamonds to show off their wealth, men exude their power through the little accessories they wear, such as a luxury watch that exhibits grandeur and screams wealth. These are a must-have in your collection if you are a watch connoisseur and appreciate great precision and craftsmanship. In this category, you may find your timepiece crusted with precious gemstones and encased in [precious materials. At Jowissa, you can find a wide array of swiss-made luxury watches tailored to suit your expensive tastes and style preferences.

In a Nutshell

An exact science may not exist to pair the right type of watch with a particular personality, but the above five varieties are a must-have if you are someone who loves your watches. After all, watches to a man are what diamonds and jewels are to a woman. All the timepieces listed in this blog have beautifully withstood the test of time, and till today are on every gentleman’s wish list. All these have a universal appeal, perfect for showing off your style quotient amongst peers and tug the hearts of beautiful women around you. Don’t have them all? Shop now at Jowissa – the best brand that procures and sells high-quality Swiss watches for men, and get ready to be boggled down with compliments from colleagues and even your boss.

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