10 Easy Ways to Shop more Ecologically

If you don’t live under a rock you probably know that the world is on the brink of ecological catastrophe. Humanity has reached a point where it can no longer afford to be careless with the planet, and each of us as a consumer is responsible for the change.

Often people feel small and insignificant in comparison to whole countries and statistics and think that their behavior does not matter, but we know that this is not the case. And we can start with something very close to us, which we pay attention to every day – fashion.

Fortunately, there has been a lot of talk about these things lately and a lot of work is being done to create conditions for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. If this topic is relatively new to you or you know about the problems, but not where to start fighting them, this article is for you.

We will suggest a few tricks to ecological lifestyle and fashion, which are much better for the planet, and your wallet as well.

10 Easy Ways to Shop more Ecologically

10 Easy Ways to Shop more Ecologically

1. Buy Clothes made of recycled materials

The most sustainable practice for nature, without a doubt, is when you make sure your clothes are made from recycled materials. Here the raw materials are “borrowed” from nature because they can be reused. You will notice how most brands start their Eco-series this way. They recycle their old collections or other raw materials to create a new, more environmentally friendly series.

2. Watch out for the fabrics

That is, without the intervention of any animal impurity. Fur with real Fur should have remained in the last century. The list also includes leather from lamb to crocodile, angora, cashmere, the production of which threatens the existence of the snow leopard, feathers, silk, in which the beetles are boiled alive, and wool, a common cause of skin irritation and known for its fine maintenance.

If you don’t use the fabrics noted above, we are one step closer to sustainable fashion.

3. Quality over quantity

No matter how beautiful a garment is, if it is not made of high-quality fabrics then its beauty will be fleeting. That is why paying attention when buying is important. Look at the label inside – content, country of manufacture, method of cleaning.

Poorly made clothing, in addition to harming nature, also harms our wallets. This is money thrown out the window

4. Local production

The closer a product is produced to its target market, the lower the transport costs, respectively the more environmentally friendly it is. Additional benefits include the opportunity to know the business directly, a more personal attitude to the client, the stimulation of domestic business and employment & the price may be lower due to lower transportation cost..

5. Design

The factor of the highest importance. No matter how many of the other requirements are met, if the design of the garment does not find its user, it remains a waste of resources. Here the burden falls on the designers, for whom it is important what stylistic problem they solve for their audience. Whether it is office attire, party clothes, or beach fashion, the important thing is for the client to feel good in it. A strong emphasis is on this garment to last over time with quality, to remain stylish and desirable, without being influenced by the rapidly passing fashion trends.

6. Re-design

The most important thing here is to breathe new life into the old clothes before they leave our wardrobe for good. We can fix it. We can refresh it, for example with patches. We can fit it to wear it again. We can shorten it. Recently, skirts and jackets are fashionable. Well, make them yourself. Take an oversized jacket from your friend or a second-hand shop, cut it in half, and make your own set – jacket and skirt. It’s easy and fast, but it’s super modern and spectacular.

And after we have tried all the methods, then to recycle it using another purpose. Old worn jeans make great decorative pillowcases. Or a bag. The options are endless.

7. Rent or borrow

Imagine that you have 6 fashion events this month, if you have to buy a new dress for everyone, it is too much for your budget. But to rent a dress – much more reasonable. For 1/10 of the original price, you will be able to wear a dress of a leading fashion brand. After all, there is no chance that the clothes will bore you, and you will not harm nature.

Another good option is to ask a friend to serve you, and in return, you can also open your wardrobe for her. If you have decided that some clothes should leave your home forever – give or donate.

8. Tailor

In cases when we cannot find the necessary addition by the above methods, we can assign it to us to make it. True, this is difficult to do in today’s fast-paced world, but this approach is environmentally friendly because it fills our specific needs without unnecessary temptation.

Thus, the garment will be made to our exact sizes and requirements, and the quality of workmanship is usually high. Additionally, when done locally, this approach stimulates employment in the area instead of China, for example, and you will know your tailor personally. The feeling after that you are wearing a unique one, tailored to your taste and style, is incomparable.

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9. Eco accessory

You probably know about this way and we don’t surprise you, but still … You must have noticed a new fashion trend, namely to carry canvas bags and totes instead of bags and backpacks. An obligatory fashion accessory that becomes eco-friendly. They are colorful, fresh, and very practical. They become a fashion accessory. They are also convenient when traveling with a little luggage because you will not wonder what to put your things in when you arrive. But above all, they are indispensable for carrying shopping, because they do not break, are light and hold a lot. In addition, you save money by not having to buy a new bag every time. In some Facebook groups (I will give examples below) I have even seen people make their own, for example from old T-shirts and tank tops are sewn underneath.

And the most trendy this year are mesh bags. Apart from being comfortable, environmentally friendly, they are the most modern accessory you can add to your outfit, and the bonus is that they can be combined with any of your casual looks.

10. Second hand

Undoubtedly the most environmentally friendly method due to the lack of production and use of new raw materials. The only eco cost is transporting. Second-hand shopping has many strengths that we simply cannot miss. The biggest advantage of buying second-hand clothes is the much lower price compared to that of brand new clothes. Along with the affordable price, however, there are several arguments in favor of second-hand shopping.

For example, you will almost certainly not find yourself in a situation where someone else is like yours. If new clothing brands offer many pieces of one item, then in second-hand stores you will hardly find two identical things. It will be even harder to see on the street a man with the same coat that every second person would otherwise wear if you buy it from a mass brand on the market. Finds in second-hand shops allow you to unleash your imagination, try different combinations and finally create a complete outfit that no one but you will have.

Don’t expect to find worn, crumpled, and faded clothes in second-hand shops. Most of them are in extremely good condition, and some models are sold at second-hand prices, but with labels – a guarantee that their previous owner did not wear them at all. Thus, there are often fashion finds whose quality is better than that of clothes in mass clothing chains.

The thrill of “hunting” is irreplaceable! Fans of second-hand shopping know exactly what we are talking about. Not sure if you will succeed, but the thrill of being able to grab a find at an insanely low price draws you to the “Second Hand” sign.

It is much easier to recognize whether a garment is of good quality in a second-hand shop. The quality is evident from afar. If it is too worn, faded, and with defects, then in all probability the quality is low. However, some clothes, although unlabeled and worn, look in perfect condition. This way you can easily find out which clothes of higher class brands are also of good quality.

But most of all, it is environmentally friendly. Last but not least, we should not forget that shopping in second-hand shops reduces the need for more production, and therefore the use of natural resources, which is a plus for the environment and has a long-term effect. on the protection of the Earth. In our opinion, there is no more ecological fashion shopping than this.

You can also shop second-hand online. There are many marketplaces specialized in this. For example eBay and poshmark.

Instead of just buying on such platforms you could even think about selling there to make some extra money and have more space in your wardrobe.

Eco-fashion is a relatively new direction in the fashion industry, but it is still developing quite fast. But we believe that the ways we have shown you for more environmentally friendly shopping are easy and can be applied daily. Which of them did you already know and apply about?

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