4 Important Reasons to Stop Doing Drugs

If it was easy to stop doing drugs, there would be far fewer drug-related deaths.

But drugs impair our nervous system and create a physical and mental reliance on dangerous substances. That’s why in 2018, 70,000 Americans died from drug overdoses, making it the leading cause of injury-related deaths in the US.

The good news, however, is that recovery is possible. When you have a list of the benefits of staying sober, it’s easier to push through your addiction recovery.

Let’s explore our top four reasons to stop taking drugs.

4 Important Reasons to Stop Doing Drugs

4 Important Reasons to Stop Doing Drugs

1. Getting Sober Boosts Your Physical Health:

Just because you didn’t suffer from a drug overdose doesn’t mean your health is in the clear. Long-term drug abuse severely impairs your physical wellbeing.

Snorting cocaine destroys the mucous membrane located throughout your nose, throat, and lungs. It leads to a weakened respiratory system and makes you more susceptible to the flu and COVID-19.

Opioids, which 128 Americans die from every day, cause viral infections like HIV and hepatitis C. Opioids include heroin, prescription painkillers, and morphine.

But when you stop taking drugs, your physical health improves. Your risk of viral infections decreases, your respiratory system repairs itself, and your immune system becomes strong enough to fight off diseases.

2. Stopping Drug Use Saves Money:

Why are drugs bad? Drugs are expensive, and it’s easy to waste your hard-earned cash on a wild, drug-induced evening.

While opioids are a popular drug of choice for Americans, they are one of the most expensive habits to support. Phenergan with codeine (“purple drink”) can cost up to $400 per pint, while Oxycodone costs anywhere between $5 and $100 for 5 mg.

Supporting a lifestyle of drugs adds up, and many addicts run into financial problems. When you leave drugs behind, you regain control of your finances. You can save your money rather than throw it away on toxic pills and powders.

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3. Sober Life Leads to Career Advancements:

As a drug addiction takes over your life, it can be difficult to focus on your career. Many addicts become obsessed with drugs, which often leads to poor work performance and job loss.

But getting clean allows you to focus on your career. Without the worry of failing a drug test, you can work hard, apply for promotions, make business connections, and develop professional skills.

4. Professionals Can Help You Stop Doing Drugs:

While drugs can take over a person’s life, professionals can guide patients through the recovery process. One of the best reasons to stop doing drugs is because you have a support system on your side, helping you every step of the way.

Treatments vary on the person and their addiction. Some people require inpatient treatments that supply around-the-clock care. Others can overcome their addiction through outpatient and telehealth services.

When you team up with professional therapists and drug counselors, the success rate is high. While attending group therapy and other treatments, you may meet other people in similar positions. These people can become supporters and new friends.

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From advancing your career to saving money, there are numerous reasons to stop doing drugs. While it can be difficult, working with a professional team can help you stay sober and regain control of your life.

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